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  • Anna Cerilli - Awesome deal

    Perfect for the Bob stroller, saves on bring another stroller that would only be useful for a short period of time. Totally worth the money. Amazon offered a great deal and the shipping was quick, easy and free!

  • Yummy Mummy - Stopped working

    I LOVED this product when we first got it and used it daily! After about a month and a half it stopped working and I was outside the "return window". It's been sitting in my closet since then with hopes of it one day miraculously working again. It hasn't. And it's so disappointing. I really did like it - with four kids and a dog it would be useful again.

  • Groceries - Beautiful coat over pink tub — tips for painting around the drain and patching the original coats

    Our house was built in the 60s, so it came with a horrid pink tub. Not even a fun pink, more like dirty make-up. It was, however, in beautiful shape. When we took the plunge to refinish the bathroom, we didn't want to cover the perfectly good tub with plastic, nor did we want to replace it with a new white one. It just didn't seem worth the cost and mess.

  • erica - Definite results!

    I've never had my hair shinier. I usually color my hair so its dry brittle with no shine. Now when walking by mirror I cant help but notice the shine! My skin is also looking great. I've been using this for a month and I just bought some more since I'm running out. I don't see what all the big fuss is about the taste, I kinda like it! Anyway I hope they don't stop making this product.

  • David Bricker - Basically OK but has had 2 crashes and a failure to update

    Install went fine. Since then it has had 2 crashes of what I hope were minor components. Also there was a cryptic code thrown up and it told me to go to the Symantec home page and search for the code. I did and I had to download a 138 mb file to manually update the product. Once that was done I ran the executable which updated everything in about 5 seconds, which is pretty fast and makes me wonder if it really did anything anyway..

  • Angelia Smith - Tastes great

    I purchased these for my hair since I am anemic so it's always falling out, also it always helps to have added vitamins to my daily routine. I've noticed some hair growth since taking. I love that These have no added chemicals and are all natural. They are also gluten free. These are very easy to chew and don't take forever to chew and get stuck in my teeth. These taste really great and tastes like candy.