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  • Scott T - Amazingly Accurate Unscientific Test Results

    Got my Flex today to replace the Fitbit One that I lost last weekend. Here are the results of my unscientific testing.

  • In to comfort and ease - Frommer's Italy 2013

    Headed to Italy on vacation. This is a great reference book, Many great maps and lists of restaurants, places to stay and tour

  • Frankie - Look at alternatives to Quickbooks, here's why

    (Note: There sure are a lot of short, 5-star reviews from "customers" who only have ONE review posted on Amazon...right here in this listing for Quickbooks/Mac. It's odd, if not suspicious.)

  • Michele - AMAZING!

    First of all, those of you that are on here complaining about how you needed to loose 10 lbs due to old age, broken bones, laziness, whatever... do your homework first. I just read a ton of reviews from people mad that they needed to loose 10 lbs got the product on sale and we're mad when it didn't work and they couldn't get a refund. ... uh hello, if the money was that big of an issue then you should have done your homework before purchasing. The ads CLEARLY state "If you only need to loose 10 lbs then this product is not for you. Lipozene is for people who need to loose 20 lbs or more of unwanted body fat" I mean come on, I don't mean to be nasty, but you will take the time out of your day to come on here and write a bad review, but not read the reviews and info before making a purchase? ??... kinda seems like a no brainer to me. As for my experience with the pill, I have been on it for just shy of 3 weeks and have lost a total of 11.6 lbs. I do exercise at LEAST 4 times a week for 20-30 min at a time. I am a very busy mother of an EXTREMELY ADHD son who demands most of my time plus a brand new daughter, which makes it difficult to find time every single day to work out, but I do my best. I will also say this... I went to my mom's for the weekend and was dreading doing so and dreading stepping on the scale afterwards even more. I love my mother with every ounce of my soul, but I've been doing so well with my diet and exercise program and my mom is Puerto Rican and Hawaiian. .. she cooks like she's cooking for an army first of all and she loads everything with fat, oil, sugar, butter, cream, salt. .. all the things I've been avoiding. Long story short, after coming home from my weekend at my mom's I was sure I had gained at least a pound or two... when I stepped on the scale I couldn't believe my eyes... DOWN 2.6 lbs! WHAT!?! NO WAY... No joke I changed the batteries in my scale and tried again... I hadn't exercised for even one second all weekend... how could this be... well after the battery change I was still down the same amount. .. all I can say is THANK YOU LIPOZENE & METABO UP! Having said all of that I will also say this... everyone's body is different try it for a month Walgreens has both products on sale right now for $19.99 for lipozene and $11.99 for Metabo up. If after one month it doesn't work, it's not the right pill for you. I truly hope this review helps. I have tried soooo many diets and supplements it's rediculous and I have finally found the right one I just had to come share my positive experience.

  • Range Buddy - Beats the F-150 on resale value and reliability!

    Great fuel mpg... Solid as a rock fit and finish... Toyota Tacoma's hold their resale value like no other truck... Great features and the truck looks sharp! V6 engine has power to spare... Towing capacity of 6,800 with tow package and v6... Hauling capacity of 1,600... What more do you want???

  • Reluctant Reader - Don't be a fool. Read this book.

    I wish a book like this had been around 38 years ago when my marriage began. I plan on giving a copy to both my sons. I've always been completely mystified by the workings of my wife's heart, but her unpredictable, seemingly completely whimsical responses to me over the years are pretty well explained in this book, allowing me to finally exert some control over them. This book is the "enigma machine" for marriage, and a damn good investment.

  • IW512 - must have for active folks with dogs, looking for waterproof, durable covers

    I didn't realize they were a two piece seat cover, but it actually makes it a better cover. I have two dogs and plenty of dirt, mud, sand in my truck, they keep it off the seats. Install was a breeze, and they look sharp.