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  • New York Bargain Hunter - Abreva says it's not for shingle AKA herpes zoster

    I love this stuff for my cold sores. I've had sores my whole life, every winter since I was little. Sometimes other things can trigger it, such as something dirty like dust or high stress. Normally I got it once a year, sometimes two. Anyone who has it knows it's hell. For 20 years I had to live with it, I've tried all the ointments, treatments and each one hurt more than the next. Then Abreva came out, it's magic! Being an experienced sufferer, I knew exactly when each episode would occur. The first time I used this stuff, it worked immediately. The symptoms were shortened by at least 1 week. Second time I caught it before it started and nothing came out, same as the next few times, never came out. Years have gone by without one outbreak. I have a new tube around the house every 2 years just in case.

  • Amazon Customer - Looks great the sound is great but the battery charge only ...

    Very unsatisfied.. Looks great the sound is great but the battery charge only lasts about 2 hours... Pretty much ruins any event you are at...

  • Laura L. - Great for the price!

    Great inexpensive infusion water bottle for my daughter. It's a perfect size and she's had fun experimenting with different fruit combinations. This is a wonderful way to get a child to opt for water rather than juice or soda. It washes easily and seems fairly sturdy.

  • ali192 - No longer the show we all love

    Been a fan since day 1,but Season 7 premiere will be the last time I watch. It's not because of main characters dying off, it's the sheer distasteful horror that was almost like a serial killer who got off on some type of canabelism. The writers crossed a line that they cannot come back from, and not in a good way. Just watch, this will be the end of this show

  • Elizabeth E Neal - My heart needs a second chance...

    **Disclaimer: This is the second book in the Unlikely Heroes series. While this could be read as a standalone due to the author supplying enough information to keep new readers in the loop, I highly recommend reading book one, Betrayed by a Kiss, first.**

  • fagglemcjuer - Upgrade!

    I REALLY like this mat! My old one was a $7 special from Walmart and let me tell you, you would not BELIEVE the variation of quality! So nice and cushy! I actually layer my old mat (about 2mm) underneath so as to keep this beauty scratch-free :3