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  • Addisen Willett - IPhone 5s

    Even though I can't take advantage of the quick charge, this battery is still great. I'm getting about 5 full charges out of it and it barely heats up. Sure, it takes about 8 hours to fully charge and is roughly double the weight of my phone but for it's price, it's a great deal.

  • Marianne Winkowski - making a birthday special

    I bought this Barbie for my niece's 18 th birthday not knowing she had received a Birthday Barbie when she was born. It was very a fitting gift and she was extremely happy with the gift.

  • Richard Sandstrom - My wife collects these "DATED" chystals. I give her ...

    My wife collects these "DATED" chystals. I give her one every Christmas. She hangs them in our kitchen BAY window and they project colorful light shows throughout the kitchen and the living room. These were a bit high priced but sometimes they are hard to find at all. So ....

  • silky69 - Its One of Those Songs You Want to Hear Again.

    This song has a really good melody and beat. The vocals are great. It is one of Hearts more mellow songs sort of like Dog and Butterfly. It is one of those songs you keep coming back to hear again and again.

  • BusyBusyMom - Awesome pan

    Best french oven I have ever owned. It is so practical and useful. I enjoy gourmet cooking as a hobby, and this can take it all, from high heat, to high oven, to even inside my outdoor smoker, to add an authentic flavor to homemade chipolti! I love it.

  • Kit Wong - Great screen

    I received this product for free in exchange for my feedback. The packaging of this product came in mail with a very professional box. The glass screen is very easy to install and has a nice clean look to it. Having iPhone for everyone in the house, we are constantly replacing the kids phone screen, since they are dropping it so often. I didn't find any sketch on the screen, which I did from another brand of screen protector that I used before. Overall, I am very happy with the screen protector. It is hard to determine how durable the screen protector will be at this point and how the warranty works when it comes to replacing the screens. For the price, this is a very good value and I do wish it comes with some positioning stickers, so it will make the install quicker.

  • Programming Kat - Make sure it's a Genuine MS version

    This one star rating is NOT a rating for the product, but it why the product couldn't be activated. I purchased it from a third party and received a thumb drive while the product key was in a folder ON the thumb drive. Microsoft displayed the product as fraudulent [which put me in a very tight spot legally]; MS and Amazon were great! MS got that I wasn't trying to pirate their software and Amazon returned all my money. This purchased just reinforced the adage: If it's too good to be true, it probably is.