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  • D.J. Coffman - Great quality, great price, great design!

    I don't usually do this but I'm giving it 5 stars on delivery day. From the package to my phone I can see that the materials are quality and should hold up well. I immediately put three cards in the back, (my license, debit card, credit card) all fit well. The magnetic flap/door on the back feels sturdy and doubles as the adjustable stand if you wish. The other bonus is that since it's magnetic you can use the portable magnet holders for your car vents without installing a plate in your phone case. This does add a little weight to the phone overall but like someone else mentioned I like it to feel solid and have some weight to it. The case has nice texture so it won't go flying out of your hand. The reason I'm giving it a 5 out the box is the "holder" in the back is actually it's own compartment and won't scratch the back of your phone like other wallet cases. The bonus is that there is a built in small space between the compartment that actually looks like it's designed for shock absorption as well. I can't believe this case is only 18.89. My old basic Thule case was nice but $$$. Hopefully I'm correct and this case quality holds up over time. If not I'll be back to confirm! But for the price if this covers a year of this model of phone it's a bargain!

  • R. Hohlman - Just what I needed

    Just what I needed to get an Access database program up and running at work. I am definitely not an expert in Access so this was a great purchase for me in order to get my job done.

  • cjan - Unethical business practices

    I ordered the product and immediately decided I wanted to return it for a refund. I followed all instructions. That was MONTHS ago and I have not heard a word about my refund.

  • Alison - i dont know...

    This formula of hydroxycut does make me feel a little cracked out...scared to used it BEFORE my workouts but i miss those kind of pills...third time i tried it prolonged ny dinner plans i felt a bit sick but went thru water and as soon as i ate felt better..definitely gives u energy but not sure if i want to use this often

  • Jeano - I have very fine hair and using this after I wash and towel ...

    This is a product I've been using for years. I have very fine hair and using this after I wash and towel dry my hair helps me comb it out, keeps my hair from frizzing and gives it a little sheen. I only use about a dime size for shoulder length hair. I DOES NOT weight my hair down at all. I would definitely recommend this product.