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  • chance lundgren - Not my fave

    I loved the HERSTYLER more. This doesn't get my coarse naturally curly hair as shiny as my other irons. I would say this is good if you have normal hair just not coarse thick curly hair.

  • Dean - Waste of time, there are better things out there...

    First of all, there is nothing at all magic about PCMatic. This is just a collection of utilities that purport to "repair" problems on your Windows-based PC. The reason the program is not worth the time, is that there are already FREE utilities out there that are not only more effective, but have a much better track record, and don't insist you pay up to $49.95 for the privilege of using them. On later versions of Windows, a lot of the "tools" in PCMatic are simply not necessary anyway. Computers become "slow" mainly because of excessive fragmentation on non-SSD hard disks, excessive numbers of running programs, or virus/trojan infections that are consuming CPU cycles and bandwidth with their activities. Very often these issues can be handled without buying anything.

  • Amazon Customer - It has helped

    I have felt better since taking Amberen. Thanks. I have been more relaxed and my belly has gone down quite a bit. I also have a lot more energy.

  • Missslyssa - Beautiful seat

    This is the best looking car seat out there. The padding is thick and my daughter really seems so much more comfortable than in our last seat. We downsized vehicles so really appreciate that front to back the seat takes up less of the passenger side room (rear-facing). We have a Prius and even my husband can sit in the front seat comfortably. The seat is taller than our old seat too putting my daughter sitting higher which seems to give her a better view. I thought the side impact head part would bother her since it's so much narrower and sticks out farther than our old seat but it hasn't bothered her a bit. Though it can mess up her hair if they are in pig tails. But she gets way less floppy head action when falling asleep so that's a plus too.

  • aqueelah - Roach Infestation No More!

    15 years ago when I moved into my 1st apartment, the tenant below me started to bomb 2days after my arrival. i flicked on the light and roaches were everywhere. i was soo overwhelmed never lived with roaches and not knowing what to do I panicked and pirched raid and it didn't work. Finally, a friend told ne to purchase combat gel. This kills roaches and delivers on it's promise. I placed the Gel in the kitchen area, behind the refrigerator and in the washroom. Roaches were dying in places I didn't place the gel. I was sweeping roaches up daily for a week straight. Piles would be dead in the kitchen and cabinets for about a week straight.