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  • Heather Morneau - Fantastic!!

    This was great! Sophie is such a strong character even if she's paranoid. She had every right to be. I love Mark Edwards, he is a amazing author. I've read all his books and they never disappoint.

  • TastyWhale - Very enjoyable, good summary of all the plot and action points in the movie.

    I bought this for my two nephews but wanted a copy for myself too. I've since quickly surpassed my nephews' achievement points in the game :)

  • Reanna - My Favorite Coffee!!!

    This is my absolute favorite Starbucks coffee!! I literally wait all year for Casi Cielo to come back out and I try every year to by a full years worth. Of course I drink it too often to make it last the whole year. :)

  • Jeedai Infidel - A vote for hilLIARy is a vote for America's continuing downfall.

    Are there really people out there that are still considering voting for this corrupt, globalist-pushing, lying thief that wants to help take away America's sovereignty? I mean, that damn jar of pickles would be better for Americans than her brand of slightly-different-than-Obama's Marxism. God help us all.

  • Jake B. - Here is whats good and bad with Streets and Trips

    I think that 3 stars is fair because some things are good and some things are poor with Streets and Trips. I'll go over the good and the bad that I've seen. As background, I am a field sales person, and I have 400 customers who are points on the map that I have to figure out who to visit everyday. I am a heavy map user - I've been using Streets and Trips for more than a decade, and I use MapPoint (Microsofts other map tool) for territory design (splitting up the territories between reps in the first place), and the Badger Map for building my daily schedule and organizing my territory.

  • Seaguy99 - Used for skin tag

    I used this product to remove a small to medium sized skin tag. It was the grossest thing I've ever done in my life , but it worked. It probably wasn't the best method, but it froze the tag enough to where it killed the skin cells. I was hoping it would freeze enough where I could rip it off easily. Let's just say I had to resort to scissors.....

  • Theodore R Montoya - Not the worst solution for very light scratches

    Tried on two vehicles and found very little success. I used it on light and well as a little deeper of scratches. It made the scratches a little bit less noticeable which was good, but by no means did it remove them. I followed the instructions religiously and found very little success on any of the scratches I tried it on. I don't know how others have found better results with this than I did so be careful.