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  • Kwiila - Comfortable, easy fit, intuitive function.

    These are pretty great. I game on them. Put a blanket down first and sleep on them like an adjustable cot sometimes. They take up slightly more space then expected... not sure why I was expecting them to fit smaller. More space than the plastic chair I had before, certainly. My feet always end up resting right on the bar at the bottom no matter what. Average height, but I think I've seen taller people report similarly somehow. I never bothered figuring out how to open, close, and adjust it on a mechanical level. It's intuitive enough it feels like it opens on it's own, and adjusts when I lean back.

  • Nasahr - No car records??

    Very pointless book, and has the most uninteresting facts and records in the world. Don't waste your money. Worlds biggest sausage? Who cares!!? First man to use a toilet in space? not interesting. Plus there being NO car section at all was a absolute deal breaker. Who wants to read a world records book without a car section in it. Anyone who does needs to have there brain checked or is really boring..

  • sisco - please dont buy this product

    please dont buy this product it is no good and a waste of money it does not stick to your hair and dont sweat with this stuff in your hair it will get soogy and it wont look right and dont go out in public like that please dont buy this product waste of money

  • plyopowerd - Did not work for me

    This software doesn't come with any instructions except to go to McAfee's website and enter your ID number from the card inside the box. Once I did that, it downloaded and installed - and then promptly locked everything up. I wanted something that would allow my daughters to play games on certain websites (Club Penguin, Poptropica, Nick Jr.) while at the same time blocking them from the ads on those sites or going to unknown game sites. But when we tried to block "gambling" sites from the kids, my husband couldn't play his online poker even though he was logged onto Windows as himself. There were no instructions, no walkthrough, nothing. I couldn't even go to McAfee's site to find instructions! (FYI, we have a 3-year-old Dell computer with Windows XP.)