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Agência A.I.R. - Ativação.Internet.Relacionamento. - ATIVAÇÃO COMO OBJETIVO, INTERNET COMO PLATAFORMA E RELACIONAMENTO COMO ESTRATÉGIA. Esses são os pilares dos projetos da Agência A.I.R.

  • http://www.agenciaair.com.br/a-i-r/ativacao/ Como ativar clientes na era Digital - Ativação de clientes através da integração dos canais digitais, uma das especialidades da Agência A.I.R.
  • http://www.agenciaair.com.br/marketing/ Como fazemos Marketing na A.I.R - Nossos projetos de comunicação ajudam marcas a ficarem mais visíveis e memoráveis e as metas de vendas serem mais facilmente ultrapassadas. Nós medidos resultados porque nosso foco é superação e inovação.
  • http://www.agenciaair.com.br/category/cases/ Cases da A.I.R. - Projetos que tem como característica a inovação, a criatividade, a inteligência na abordagem e no desenvolvimento. Integrando ferramentas que nas outras agências estão em empresas distintas, na AIR estão no mesmo job.
  • http://www.agenciaair.com.br/contato/ Contato com a A.I.R - Nós podemos ajudar desde já, é só você nos dizer quando e onde podemos conversar a respeito de negócios.

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  • Robert - Best Flashlight I've ever owned

    Great flashlight.It's amazing for hunting and in the blind. The clip is great to keep on the pocket or on the ammo belt. Have bought for family members and never have a complaint. The best part is it uses AA or AAA batteries instead of the crazy expensive batteries that are hard to find. Best money I've ever spent for a light for multi uses.

  • Amazon Customer - my baby hasn't had any really bad diaper rash

    works really well - very heavy cream consistency. my baby hasn't had any really bad diaper rash, but when he is a little red in spots, I clean him well, make sure he's totally dry, paste this stuff on and it's gone by next diaper change (which usually isn't that long after!)

  • Margaret - The battery minder is a best in class battery maintainer

    The battery minder is a best in class battery maintainer. It is best used on vehicles and battries that are not often used such as Motor homes, motor cycles during the winter and the like. The unit will help you get the maximum life out of the battery. This particular model does not include the temperature sensor that attaches to the battery which in my opinion is a mistake. They want you to purchase it as an option. It does include a temperature sensor that monitors ambient air temperature which is not as accurate. If they would have included the battery temp sensor I would have given 5 stars. I have use an aviation version on my aircraft and have had very good results.

  • LovinIt - Easy reference book

    I have used QuickBooks 2004 for many years, and needed a reference book for the changes. This is great. Very understandable. I ordered a more in depth book which is not yet in print. Not sure I will need it. I will be curious to see the difference. This is definatley not an accounting book, but a good book on QuickBooks.

  • Linda Albertano - Recommended for the liver.

    Quick service! It was highly recommended for the liver. I take it daily on faith. If my liver had teeth, this is how I would brush them. Daily maintenance.