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Récit et humeurs de l'Affreux Jojo - Chroniques, nouvelles et billets d'humeur de l'Affreux Jojo. - Chroniques, nouvelles et billets d'humeur de l'Affreux Jojo.

  • http://www.affreux-jojo.com/2016/05/les-cyrilleaks.html Les Cyrilleaks - Récit et humeurs de l'Affreux Jojo - Le Russe, ce n’est pas difficile. Avant de vulgariser, si cela s’avérait vraiment nécessaire, la triviale grammaire russe, penchons-nous sur son alphabet. Bon nombre de personnes jugent ses caractères comme une barrière infranchissable ; il n’en est rien,...
  • http://www.affreux-jojo.com/2016/03/ecriture.html Ecriture - Récit et humeurs de l'Affreux Jojo - - Que fais-tu de beau à Kiev par ce temps ? - Écoute, cela faisait un moment que je voulais me remettre à l'écriture, comme une démangeaison pulsant à l'arrière du crâne, se prolongeant en picotements insidieux dans la main. Je regarde par la fenêtre...
  • http://www.affreux-jojo.com/2016/03/exercice.html Exercice - Récit et humeurs de l'Affreux Jojo - - Tu as un peu grossi, non ? - Oui je me laisse un peu aller en ce moment. - Tu sors trop ? - Non cela n'a rien à voir avec mon rythme nocturne, ni ce que j'ingurgite. Je manque simplement d'exercice : depuis quelques semaines, je desserre un peu les...
  • http://www.affreux-jojo.com/2016/03/a-stephane-albertini.html A Stéphane Albertini - Récit et humeurs de l'Affreux Jojo - Je repense au 13 Novembre avec les attentats du 22 Mars, et je retransmets ici ce que j'avais déjà posté sur les réseaux sociaux. Je ne suis pas fan des partages consensuels sur les réseaux, de la bougie numérique, de la solidarité à peu de clics, j’en...
  • http://www.affreux-jojo.com/article-angkor-pire-99082239.html Angkor Pire - Récit et humeurs de l'Affreux Jojo - Je suis au Cambodge et tout va beaucoup mieux maintenant. Après la visite d'Angkor, je suis allé directement à Pnom Penh. En urgence. A l'Hôpital Central. Je n'avais pas compris les avertissements du guide concernant les mines et le "hors-piste" : qu’il...

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  • Hayley Columbo - Great beer cooler!!!

    Great can/bottle cooler! This product works much better than the old fashioned foam coolers, and looks much nicer as well. Toss all those old ones and get yourself a few of these sleek coolers to keep any beverage cold longer. I'm a beer drinker myself and any beer drinker knows there's nothing worse than a warm beer. No more warm beers while using this cooler! And due to the screw cap system (you are able to unscrew the lip, place the bottle in than rescrew the top on) it fits like a glove! I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Alisa - It works!!

    This product absolutely worked for me! I bought one several years ago after the birth of my second child. Taking care of a newborn and a toddler left me no time to go to the gym. I was losing the baby weight but still had a "pooch" that wouldn't go away. When I first started it, I could barely get out of the teens, but the more I got used to it, the higher I could go. Once I was used to it, I would set it at the max of 99 and actually enjoyed it! It may take a while to get used to and be uncomfortable at first, but after a while, the stimulation felt great! I used it religiously for 6 months and had very toned abs verging on a 6 pack. (I should mention that I'm 5'11". I was 150 pre baby and about 170 post baby when I started using the belt.) I really wish I would have taped my belly so I knew the exact number, but I do know that I went from a size 14 to a size 8 while using this. Never once went to the gym but did eat well and drank a lot of water.

  • Amazon Customer - Full version after running evaluation version.

    I had evaluation version and liked how it worked in small office. Ordered to install operational version. So far so good.

  • common man - I am thus far very pleased with this product

    This is about as much bang for the buck as one can receive in the flashlight world. At the 50 dollar price point there is nothing else on the market that can compare. I am thus far very pleased with this product. It does exactly as advertised which few products do these days.

  • Anne Stickles - McAfee

    Had to return, because it didn't work with my PC. If it had worked, I think, I would enjoy it immensely.

  • stacythetrainer - These are so awesome!

    I bought 2 of these for my 11 month old twins. These things are the best. We had one from another brand and it was too big to be portable. These go to all restaurants with us and anywhere we go! They stay in the car. The built-in bag so you cannot lose it is genius!