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  • destend2b - Leaves hardwoods with a cloudy film

    We have two dogs and with us having a wet winter I thought purchasing a steam mop would be ideal for quick wipe ups from wet dirty paws. Wrong -- this left my floors with a cloudy film. Most areas are large patches of white looking film. I returning it today from where I purchased and will be back to my Bona manual mop. If I could insert a photo I would because I am taking them with me to the store. I do not recommend this for those with hardwoods.

  • Alex Garcia - Love My New Glasses!

    Soooo glad I purchased these frames- I feel they really compliment my face as well as my personality and I have received nothing but positive reviews and compliments from friends in colleagues. I've already recommended the seller to some co-workers who are also looking in purchasing some new eye ware in the near future.

  • Laurie Nupnau - Works like a charm!

    It sure seems like it works better than the original one I broke (which came with the car) - love it! Also like I do not hit the garage door anymore when I back out of the garage!

  • Michael Boucher - I can't believe I was suckered.

    I was taken in by the fact that this Dr. helped the Clintons get healthy, but this book should be free because the "Detox" is very expensive through his website. I was prepared for cabbage and citrus shakes or something, but not a list of chemicals that will supposedly detox me. Save your money.

  • Stephanie - and can say now that I LOVE THIS PRINTER

    I received this printer from Epson in exchange for an impartial review, and can say now that I LOVE THIS PRINTER! Set up was easy with no problems. I was not sure about having to fill the ink tanks myself, but I had no problem keeping the ink in the tanks where it belonged and off my desk and hands. thank goodness cause I did not have the rubber gloves it suggests. I do suggest that while the ink is charging, use the 20 minutes to install the software on your computer and be ready to go.

  • KMac - I like this because it is easy to use - it ...

    I like this because it is easy to use - it comes with a dropper that has a measurement line which I have not seen on other brands. I like that it has the measurement line because it makes it easy to know how much to use, and other brands you just have to guess. I felt a little tingle on my scalp where the treatment was applied. So far I have been using for about a week and while I haven't noticed any regrowth yet (it is too soon to start noticing that) I have noticed that I am not losing as much hair. There is less and less hair in my drain after a shower and I haven't been noticing a lot of hair in my hair brush like i used to see. I will have to keep using this to see if my hair starts to grow back.

  • matt bauerlein - More than disappointed - I'm angry!

    As many other have stated, the deck looked great when complete. After a few weeks bubbling and peeling occurred. I prepped and applied as per the directions. Now, after winter in upstate New York, the deck looks awful! About 1/3 has peeled. I have a huge 3 tier deck and used almost 40 gallons of this crap. Now I'm out over $800 and don't know what to do to fix the issue! I wish I knew how to start a class action law suit! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!