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  • Jeffrey T Eaton - not worth the contamination of the rest of the cooling system

    used in my 99 grand cherokee (thanks to the normal garbage jeep engineering) and stopped leak only partially. It did manage to clog up everything else like my overflow tank hose which blocked my tank from topping off the radiator. usedd a rod to clean all the aluminum junk out of the hose. I wonder how many cooling ports in the engine are now clogged. I guess i just wait for the head gasket to blow from excessive heat in the blocked cylinder head ports. thanks bars. Normal jeep owner that has replaced everything in my jeep except the steering wheel thanks to jeeps awsome engineering feets...NOT

  • Lindsay T - So Far, So Good! Really Like This Crock Pot

    I just received this slow cooker a few days ago and have only used it once, but had a few initial thoughts I wanted to share. Overall, I have a great opinion of it. I recently bought the Hamilton Beach Set n' Forget and had a TERRIBLE experience with it (undercooked food being the main issue). I returned it and decided to buy this one. Our meal last night (Beef Tips in Mushroom Sauce) was perfect: not overcooked, not undercooked. The meat was tender, the mushrooms were not shriveled and mushy, but the perfect amount of cooked. I was very happy with the meal. A few things I would like to note about the unit:

  • Chris S - Rent or Cable?

    It was either this or pay the rent this month. You can guess which one I chose. Now, my landlord comes over to watch TV and caress this cable and I charge HIM rent!! HAHAHAHAHA.

  • jrodie - PrintMaster 2012

    I purchased this card program as a replacement for American greetings create-a-card 3. Which will not work on my windows 7 64 bit O.S.? As most people know once you find a card program it is hard to find a replacement one that does Cards the way you like. I found this program very hard to do a quick personalized card, And the card size that I was used to using, It does work and has a lot of other gadgets that I don't use but I can make cards if I plan ahead as it will take an hour instead of just 5 min compared to my old program. And be prepared for doing your cards over a few times as it does not always print the same way depending on what card you make. I am not real happy with this card program and if you do the down load don't download the complete program as it will never finish, there is no download manager to continue were you leave off form. You will have to do it right from the beginning only to have it stop and try all over again. My advice buy the disk don't download.

  • angie - An elephant has my pen and i cant write

    This short book lacked cohesiveness, and failed to build its case-- about Trump or much of anything else. The author nerds to focus on a premise and build a case for it. This book was like reading someone's sporadically kept journal.