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Society of General Internal Medicine | SGIM - Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM), an American medical society of physicians, focuses on clinical research & studies to improve internal medicine.

  • http://ww.w.sgim.org/about-us About SGIM | sgim.org - The Society of General Internal Medicine, was founded in 1978, by a national group of academic general internists committed to promoting research and education, aimed at improving healthcare for the whole patient, The organization has grown to nearly 3,000 members, over three decades
  • http://ww.w.sgim.org/communities GIM Communities | sgim.org - Additionally, our community acts as the research and clinical practice hub in internal medicine including preventative measures and treatment services for patients, Simply put SGIM has been the home for academic internal medicine providers interested in research, education and clinical practice for over three decades
  • http://ww.w.sgim.org/meetings SGIM Meetings | sgim.org - Annual meetings, Regional Meetings, Future Meetings, Past Meetings, Continuing Medical Education Opportunities
  • http://ww.w.sgim.org/publications SGIM Publications | sgim.org - SGIM has a variety of publications that act as vehicles for dialogue and interaction among members and the scientific community at large
  • http://ww.w.sgim.org/career-center SGIM Career Center | sgim.org - SGIM is dedicated to providing professional development opportunities for its members, regardless of their current career level
  • http://ww.w.sgim.org/membership/join-sgim SGIM Membership | sgim.org - Since the organization’s inception in 1978 as the Society for Research and Education in Primary Care Internal Medicine,SGIM has strived to advance and promote the field of academic general internal medicine
  • http://ww.w.sgim.org/aclgim-home/aclgim ACLGIM Home | aclgim.org - Approximately ten years ago a group of Chiefs of General Internal Medicine met at the National SGIM Meeting to discuss significant mutual needs and interests,During this exploratory meeting it became clear that the Division Chief and leaders have complex roles,Many have risen to their positions without any specific training or peer group from whom to learn

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  • Peter S. - Five Stars

    awesome lots of power........... 1 month later and I love this amp even more its awesome highly recommend I want to also thank the seller for taking care of my return It was painless and I could not ask for anything more than the way it was handled thank you again things like this will keep me as a Amazon customer 5 stars for customer service!!!!

  • C.C. - Great oral rinse rinse for people with dry mouth

    I highly recommend the Biotene Oral Rinse and use it after brushing my teeth at least 2 times a day. It's a wonderful product for those of us who have dry mouth and don't produce much saliva. The oral rinse helps to protect the teeth from decay and the taste is very mild.

  • Paul D Crown - Helps

    But only does so much. Supporting supplement is 1600 mg of SAMe. My case might be more extreme than others, if you find yourself dealing with delirium (brought on by general anesthesia from a surgery), depression or anxiety...this might help, but consult a doctor/psychologist/psychiatrist to see what will help you best.

  • Kristi - Very annoying. It hangs in the other room and my ...

    My MYNT sometimes goes off in the middle of the night. Very annoying. It hangs in the other room and my phone is usually with me. The thin chain that comes with MYNT has a silver screw tube on it that attaches the other part of the string loop. Well, that came unscrewed without me realizing it and I lost my MYNT in less than a month. I used the the phone tracking device to go to the place it said it was and found it lying on the ground in the park! Amazingly, no kid had picked it up overnight or in the early part of the morning. The ringing on the MYNT actually helped me to find it. There was an ad on Amazon that said the Baylite 2mm stainless steel wire keychains are frequently bought with MYNT. Don't waste your $6.98! The MYNT hole for your keychain ring is an oval, so it doesn't fit, and it wasn't worth my time to ship that back. Now I have to figure out a more secure way to attach the MYNT to my key ring, because the cheap string they give you is unacceptable.

  • Builtmany - Failed to last

    Failed in 6 weeks. I used this product to seal white ceramic tile to a white acrylic tub and it's literally falling apart in 5-6 weeks. Everything was brand new and my bead was small at about 1/8" so 24 hours should have been ample drying time. Now this caulk is costing me hundreds by getting a callback to remove it and install a different brand that lasts.

  • Amazonian - Good improvement over Badger series

    This disposer replaces Insinkerator Badger 5X that broke after 6+ yrs or so. Ordered it and received the disposer in two days as expected. Plumber installed it. Works well. It is probably 40% quieter than the one before. Not a mega improvement but a welcome improvement. I also give it good grades on the overall footprint under sink. I have a tight under sink area and this compact disposer definitely helps a lot. It also looks a bit cleaner than the dated looking cast-iron Badger. Overall, I am pleased with the purchase. Lastly, for those of you considering Badger, compare Badger and Evolution and I highly recommend Evo series because of its sleek looks, less footprint, two blades as opposed to one in Badger (you get three blades in Evo Excellence but that was an overkill for my undersink area), and 40% quieter. Baffle is removable. Worth every penny. These do not come with power cord so if you need one, order one! Happy recycling!