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  • Rosalie Fasano - No words

    I have no words to describe this story. From the first page I was mesmerized by both characters. Penelope weaves a story of two people who need each other to survive and grow. This story will stay with you long after you are done. Go in blind and just love it.

  • Mallett - DONT BUY THIS!!

    DONT BUY!! I have a 2015 tundra good install and worked good for a while then on day I had them on and I notice smoke coming from my engine bay and it was on fire!! And I wired my own house and it's still standing theses are just junk

  • Joshua Ronald Cauwels - Battery operated

    Why should a game run on batteries be expected to be fun while talking to "spirits"? Spend the extra money and get a real board, at least you'll have fun when your playing with stuff you know is nonsense. I made that mistake.

  • Roy K - worth the money..does its job.

    Stacked with Test freak...between the two I gained decent growth in the one month cycle. Strength increase too...Gained a little weight, but expected..41 years old too, so it helps..