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  • Justin R - Great camera insert, wish it was cheaper.

    Really awesome, of course, but expensive. I went with it because it fits the small timbuk2 bag perfect, and I now use it in a medium bag, and it fits great there, too, with some room to spare. I sure as hell wasn't shelling out another 50 or so bucks for a medium insert. Padding is very nice. I carry one body with attached lens, 50mm, plus another lens and usually a speedlite. I can usually cram in some small items around the edges. You could easily carry two additional lenses plus the body with attached short lens. I never close the top zippered flap, just fold it back and its out of the way. Easily lifts out of one bag to go in another. It also fits in my Manhattan Portage DJ bag.

  • Hendrika - Really absorbs fast and makes skin around the eyes look better

    This Baebody Eye Gel really works great. As a busy mom of newborn twins who doesn’t get much sleep I noticed that in the morning I get more dark circles and puffy eyes. Together with the fine lines it makes me look more tired. This eye cream really gets results fast. After using the eye cream for a few days I already saw results. My fine lines are diminishing and more important my dark circles and puffy eyes are looking a lot better. I use the cream in the morning and in the evening after I have cleaned my face. It is very easy to apply. I just need a small amount and dap it into my skin around my eyes. The skin around my eyes feels cool when I apply the gel. The jar is really big for an eye gel so this jar will certainly go a long way. The dispenser is really different than other eye creams. You have to press down on the top and then you get a small amount of the eye gel. It is really hygienic and you always get the right amount of the eye gel. The scent of the eye gel is really nice too. Not a heavy fragrance but a nice fresh scent. The eye cream is made with a combination of organic and natural ingredients. It contains hyaluronic acid which hydrates and plumps your skin, Matrixyl 3000 which firms skin, Vitamin E, MSM and plant stem cells to strengthen skin to protect against sun damage and aging. I love that the gel is really smooth and light and it really is absorbed fast. It does not leave the skin sticky or greasy. And what is really important it does not bother my sensitive eyes and the thin skin around and under my eyes unlike other eye creams I used. The skin around my eyes really feels more hydrated and my fine lines and puffy eyes and dark circles are really improving. I am happy with the results and will keep on using this great eye gel. I can really recommend it. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • Dulce A - Gross!

    I'm gluten intolerant and recently have become very lactose intolerant as well. Before I go on, I love regular dairy cheese, so I figured I wouldn't like a non-dairy replacement. And boy was I right! SO GROSS! I didn't buy the cheddar, I bought the mozzarella, and I tried it on pizza after reading reviews that said it tasted great melted on things such as pizza. One bite and I wanted to spit it out immediately. Another reviewer compared the taste to moldy play-doh and I'd have to agree. I ended up scraping the "cheese" off my pizza and just eating saucy crust…so sad! So, basically, if you're expecting this to taste even remotely like cheese, you'll be very very disappointed.