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  • Freddie - In a city of a thousand bananas there is always a story

    It's was a night like every other. Too many cigarettes and not enough work. Clients were as rare as hens teeth, these days. It seemed word got out that I was getting sloppy. "Mr banana fingers", they called me behind my back. "He's losing his touch", they'ed whisper. But when you've sliced as many as i have you'd get soft too. Fat chance I was retiring now. Not with a '57 convertible half way paid off and a tab at the banana stand on 4th that was well past its shelf life. I was a one punch palooka half way to loserville, smelling like cheap cologne and broken dreams.

  • Stuart U - Very great product. It works well in softening the hairs

    Very great product. It works well in softening the hairs. A little bit goes a very long way so much so that I am still having trouble with using too much. While the product does say it is unscented, it does actually have a very minute scent to it. It is nothing too drastic and is just the natural smell of the oil. IT has a kind of woodsy outdoor scent that goes away quickly after the oil is dried or absorbed into the hair and skin. I would definitely buy this again but it will be a while because this is a big bottle and not a lot needs to be used.

  • HibiscusSvg - Real Life

    The reason Author Nicole Jacksons fans be losing their minds when they have to wait for her latest book release is because she brings real life to fiction. I was one waiting patiently for this book release. I even kept refreshing Amazon when I knew the book was suppose to be live. Hell, I fell asleep refreshing Amazon. Then I woke up and it was live and I haven even brushed my teeth yet I was so consumed by this book. It's now evening and I'm at lost on what to read next.. after you read a real life urban tale the bootleg books seems so insignificant and not worth your time and money. Thank you Nicole for always bringing real life you your stories. This book took me through all emotions and I always believe when an author work does that you know the book will be great.

  • PNguyen - the information covered in this book is helpful like all the sig codes

    This is a decent PTCB Exam study guide. I have worked in the pharmacy for a little over a year now and, for the most part, the information covered in this book is helpful like all the sig codes, conversions, and hospital pharmacy information. But this should not be someone's only resource for studying for the PTCB at all. Disclaimer: I received this product free or at a reduced price for an exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are genuine. I do lots of these reviews and take pride in my reviews. I know lots of buyers get suspicious when they see a disclaimer like this, but just know that I have no reason to lie. I purchase lots of regular priced items on Amazon and I always rely on reviews to make an informed purchase, so I feel obligated to help others make an informed purchase. . I am always honest with my reviews and try to point out facts that a potential customer might find useful. I received this product for free or at a discounted price with my honest and unbiased review. This in no way affects my view of this product. If my review helped please take a second and click that it was helpful below. I have no affiliation with the company, and I did not receive any compensation for trying this. I do not receive any benefit from giving only positive reviews, and I will certainly give a negative review for a product if it should be warranted. I also do not review anything that I would not have otherwise purchased on my own. All opinions are my own in a reflection of my personal experience with this product, seller, and/or service.

  • Joice H - Defective Pump

    I purchased this product and after the first two uses the tip of the pump broke. I attempted to fix it several times, all to no avail. I purchased this lotion on or about September 2013. As I am reading these reviews, I see that this defect has been a problem as far back as 2010. I contacted the company today, requesting a full refund. How can you use a product when you cannot get it out of the packaging? I will update my review when / if I receive a response. In summary, do not buy this product unless you are planning not to use it.

  • Stephanie - Not the best

    I bought this in an effort to try something other than the Urban Decay primer, however this is not the answer. I find this to be too oily and not work that well. This will do in a pinch as a back-up, but will not be my primary primer.