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  • Ruackel - Awesome and simple enough

    This is a pretty simple easy to follow book I will update you on how the stuff works after I have tried them myself.

  • Cody Nelms - ... new batteries and it makes me and my wife sad because it was for our sons birthday

    It does not work at all new batteries and it makes me and my wife sad because it was for our sons birthday.

  • alex ivanov - Great product

    I purchased this product for my daughter and she loves it. It's a quality product and easy to use and maintain! I would definitely purchase it again.

  • SZAA - Beautiful for display!

    My niece collects these and though, it's not a Barbie that will get played with, as she displays them, but she loved this one! The pale pink dress is a perfect representation of what a lot of us think of when we think of Barbie.

  • jamaro - I really like this lotion.

    This lotion is great. The quality is great and has a fresh feel when I apply it to my skin. My skin tends to get a lot drier during the winter months so I am glad I found this lotion instead of relying on a humidifier. This lotion will last at least 24 hrs on your skin. I usually apply it on my whole body right after a shower and it feels great. I also put it on my face and doesn’t feel sticky at all. The aloe is great to keep your skin radiant and I feel like this lotion has done that for me. The scent is not bad. I like the aloe and tea herb scent it has. This bottle will last you a long time especially if you don’t need it constantly like me. I noticed that buying it on here saves me a lot of money rather than getting a smaller one at my local stores.

  • Dave Schranck - An excellent training aid

    Excel 2010: the missing manual is part of a growing series of reference manuals for popular software products. Mr MacDonald has also written Access 2010 among other books. A CD with training exercises is not available but a website is available to download the necessary essentials.

  • Amazon Customer - Best buy for the price

    This is a beast of a recharger for the price tag. I used it extensively during a two week backpacking trip across Europe, and it never once let me down. I typically got more than four full charges on my iPhone before having to recharge this monster.