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  • Winded Bowhunter – CBE Introduces CBE SL4 Bowsight - Custom Bow Equipment (CBE) introduces the SL4 Bowsight is ultra-light synthetic Multi-Pin Aperture!

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -74.1724 New Jersey, United States

  • Sweet hopes - BE AWARE: Amazing Herbs is cheating on the Premium quality (which is the 1 u'll receive, unlike pictured) is poor poor quality!

    Amazing Herbs was making the good black seed oil, talking about the Standard quality, as they started with the Premium quality, they ruined it, it's all different, taste is much lighter, effectiveness is way too poor, I felt so bad about it, I did order from different stores & always received the Premium even if the picture shows the Standard, when I asked I was told amazing Herbs doesn't make the Standard anymore. I had to order from different brands that are more expensive, but I'm sure I get the good stuff.

  • Mike - Total piece of cheap junk!

    Total piece of junk! Don't throw your money away on this. Turn it down to mitigate the screeching noise and you don't hear any better than normal. Turn it up just slightly and it screeches and sounds hollow and fake. Most worthless piece of junk I've wasted my money on in a long time!

  • Kate Chopin - working well

    I recently installed Avira internet security and it was an easy process, and it seems to be working very well. I've always used free downloads for anti-virus but this seems so much more comprehensive in scanning my computer for viruses. I like how quickly it scans and the constant update alerts. I would recommend this as great anti-virus software.

  • tiffaney_311 - Read What It Can't Do Before Switching To Mac

    Read about what the Mac version doesn't support before you buy. For example, if you send an accountant's copy, you cannot continue to work until the changes are imported. Too many functions I use are not supported in this version. Hoping QuickBooks as a company will let me return this because buying it was a huge mistake. Never imagined there would be this many limitations.

  • Cloudy, With A Chance - Accept no substitute

    These eye drops have done the best of any drops at ridding my eyes of that stinging sensation late at night, and making them less red. I'm really glad I found these, only wish I'd had then in high school.