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  • Grant R - Bright little light

    This light is small but puts off some serious LED light. The lantern function works when you pop up the top with the adjustable strap. The strap can be used in either the flashlight configuration or the lantern configuration. I'm not sure on the lifetime of the 3 AA batteries that this lantern takes but it was very bright for the time I used it. The durability of this lantern doesn't appear to be the toughest so I wouldn't recoomend it for any tough outdoor situations. I received this product at a discount for my honest review.

  • Sina - Good for verbal, just okay for math.

    I was crammed for time so I bought this book hoping it would get me up to date. I did decent on the test but I thought I would do a lot better. The verbal section is pretty comprehensive, although the words they offer are a bit limited. I was taken aback by the math section. in the actual test. There were a lot of concepts not covered by this text or online center. I did 3 practice texts and 8 math practice sets. If you want to really do well on the GRE the math section can give you a basic baseline, but not a comprehensive understanding or readiness.

  • Laurie Still - Great game!

    This game is great!! All 5 of my children (ranging in age from 10y to 3y) love it.....and they are getting a workout!! Great rainy day activity for kids.