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  • 9696silvana9696 - in tradition

    I love it. It's fifteen years that I buy this calendar. It's representing my tradition. The first time a was living in NYC, now in Rome.

  • Scott in Santa Fe - Quit working after 6 months

    Got this as a gift Christmas 2014, like other people I've read, this unit worked fine and I was satisfied with its performance until it just quit working after about 6 months. My wife has a SonicCare that she's used for years without a problem; even though the replacement brushes are a little pricey, it seems a better overall value.

  • Kelsi - Used it once and so far so good! Smells great

    Used it once and so far so good! Smells great. For a real assessment though I have to see how this continues to work over the next few months.

  • Dionna McClure - Crashing Game

    This f-ing game keeps crashing on my Kindle... this is so ridiculous and nothing is being done about it. I've sent 4-5 reports on this crappy game and still NOTHING!!! I'm done with this. Delete Delete Delete!!!!!

  • Val W. Muylle - Great Product at a Great Price

    This product works for me. With this particular generic brand, I save quite a bit of money. A very good deal!

  • lclarke1 - The book had me hooked from the first page and I enjoyed it from start to finish

    This was a quick hot read that had a few twists that I did not expect. The characters Liam and Elizabeth were conflicted at first but quickly became one hot couple. The book had me hooked from the first page and I enjoyed it from start to finish. I can see that there are other stories that can emerge from this book and I hope these tow writers continue to collaborate together. I would recommend this book to others.

  • Sarita - For me....

    I have taken air borne for 6 years. Take it when your throat first feels scratchy. I now take it wth black elderberry pills. I have had maybe two colds in the past 5 years. I am around two grands that go to achool and get their fair share of colds. Im not a dr and dont play one on tv just tell what i do with this and how it works for me.