Vision Play - Sensory Processing Disorder - Help Your Child Cope With EASe Listening Therapy. Stimulate, challenge & promote sensory processing in children on the autism spectrum.

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  • Barbara B - This downloaded easily and is exactly what I needed

    This downloaded easily and is exactly what I needed. I actually paid extra for the older (2014) version than the new 2015 because all the reviews said the 'classic view' was gone in 2015. I have since worked on 2015 and the graphics are actually much easier on the eyes if you are drawing for a long time. Lots of great new features that save time.

  • G'sMom - So easy to use!

    This makes jogging with your BOB possible. It's so quick and easy to put on and take off because of the quick release. My daughter loves to sit in her stroller like a big girl so I'm constantly putting this piece on and taking it off. Love it. It's a bit expensive especially after paying $400+ for the stroller, that's why I only gave it 4 stars.

  • Concerned Consumer - No "Arthritis Pain Relief" for me.

    This "dream cream" did not work for my arthritis. I used it on my shoulders, arms, and neck for almost a month - no relief

  • johnny_go - Great Value Great TV

    This replaced a 10-year old plasma, which I thought was still a good picture. I found this on sale, then checked a leading consumer magazine and purchased. Unbelievable quality for the money. Also, the streaming is just as fast as Roku or Apple TV. I just purchased a second one. Oh and another thing, the remote is user friendly. Well planned and laid out.

  • Kristen Myers - Pairing is quite easy

    Upon opening the headphones, they look sleek, comfortable and are ligthweight. The ear hooks are flexible and sturdy but don't seem like they'll be uncomfortable; considering I have small ears I'm interested in seeing what happens when I wear them for a couple hours shooting my bow.

  • Sherry P. - Great program.

    It makes it a lot easier to keep up with how much money you are spending. And it can tell you how much you spent on particular categories - such as entertainment or eating out.

  • Kiki1980 - Wow...drama drama drama

    rcvd ARC for a honest review. Max is having a bad day and goes to a hole in the wall bar for a drink. there is sees the most beautiful girl with pink hair. he knows that she is not legal drinking age but he cant take his eyes off her. her friend starts to flirt with him and his pink haired beauty come charging in. what a spit-fire she is and he decides to take her home. once there, he gives he orders which she is happy to oblige. lola grace is beside herself when sees the hottest man ever and on her 18th bday no less and now she is taking orders from him and calling him sir. what max doesnt realize until after its over is that his kitten is a virgin. after an awkward morning after max leaves to sign a marriage contact to an older woman bc his parents are making him do it. when max goes to brunch with his new wife, he is shocked to find out she has a daughter and thay daughter was under him the night before. lola grace has just learned her no good for nothing mayoral candidate mother has married a man who just took her virginity. neither of them can stop thinking about each other and there is nothing they can do about it. lola grace is put into a bad situation from her college friends and max finds his "wife" in bed with another man. what happens when secrets are revealed?