Virginia Spine Care - James Leipzig - Salem, Roanoke, VA - Virginia Spine Care offers spine surgery and non-surgical orthopedic care for spine disease, back pain, spinal disorders in greater Salem and Roanoke, VA.

  • Meet James Leipzig, MD, FACS - Dr. James Leipzig - Spinal Surgeon - Meet James Leipzig, MD, FACS of Virginia Spine Care. Dr. Leipzig performs spinal surgery for serious back conditions in the Salem and Roanoke, VA area.

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  • Zachary Long - What are these new rules? Stick with classic and disregard

    I don't really get these new Fire & Ice rules, and based on the other reviews here on Amazon no one else totally understands it either. If you read the instructions you can just play Classic rules even with the new version and board. Classic rules were great for my 4 year old but even us adults don't get the new game so we just made fun house rules for what to do with the fire and ice tokens and new board spaces.

  • Brian - Great Bike Rack

    I purchased this bike rack on 6/26/12. I received the rack about a week and a half ago even though Amazon still shows the item as shipping soon. I am not sure what is up with that.

  • Joseph Anderson - I find this book very helpfull

    I was interested in learning about access so I looked for a book to learn about how to learn how to create and use a database. This book starts at the basics of navigation and to everything you need to know. I am on chapter three learning about what all the fields in an access database are for. I can follow this book easy. there is also a website to download all the examples so you can open access and follow along,

  • VeeDubya - Good for body but not hair

    This is good for use as a body wash but terrible as a shampoo. I used this on my daughter for over a year and she had the dullest, straw-like hair ever. I finally just switched her to my own natural shampoo and conditioner (Trader Joes tea tree tingle) and now she has smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair.