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  • Kathryn Schneider - I got it for free so I shouldn't complain but ...

    I got it for free so I shouldn't complain but I was expecting the "moral" of the story to be written out after each story. A few stories do have the moral but the majority don't. I wanted to use the book to teach my grandchildren where lots of the expressions they will hear in life came from, but other than the obvious ones about "crying wolf" and "spilt milk" I can't recall all of them. There are a lot of stories that deal with trust issues and I wish they had summed the meanings up in clear concise moral of the story form on all of them.

  • lil'bit - Softest work out towel that actually absorbs the sweat!

    Working out always takes a lot out of you when you are finished. When you are pouring sweat, you need a good towel to get you dry. A lot of sports towels claim to have super absorent properties. This sports towel really does have great absortion abilities!!! Wearing it around your neck during your workout makes your clothes less damp from sweat. This towel is really soft. IT feel great against my skin. I wish all my bathroom towels were as soft as this towel. My towel came in purple in a plastic sports bag with a rope tie. When you throw this sports towel into the washing machine wash, it comes out smelling great every time from the wash!!! The towel fits nicely right back in the bag it came in. I thought this was a great addition to the product. Even when the towel is damp from sweat, it still works great to wipe away more. This towel has been a great addition to my sports bag. This towel works great during workout or after you have finished in the showers. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest, unbiased review of this product. I realize how important honest reviews are, as I check the reviews before I purchase products. You can be sure I will always provide my honest opinion whether it may be positive or negative. If you find the information I provided was helpful or valuable to you, please click the yes button below. Thanks!

  • S. Schwartz - Great Book balanced with Great Information

    I read this book end to end last week. I wanted to read it carefully before making any serious changes. I was diagnosed with PCOS (after years of symptoms) last year. I was never told that insulin resistance is a complication of PCOS until a few weeks ago after annual blood work. I was Pre Diabetic. So I started the hunt to educate myself. This is the only book that represents explanation for all of my issues.. PCOS, Pre Diabetes and being overweight. It is a clear read. Explains in great detail how the body functions and how to fix it. I have been food linking for about a week and noticed immediatly that I was sleeping all night. I weighed myself this morning and found that I weighed 4 lbs less. I am eating more, eating more often and actually having bread or rice. It feels like Freedom! If you have PCOS, Pre Diabetes or even weight gain that is difficult to lose.. try this book!