HOME - VetCell Therapeutics - VetCell Therapeutics is a cell therapy company focused on generating and delivering cell-based treatments for use in veterinary practice.

  • PET OWNERS - VetCell Therapeutics - Pet owners and VetCell Therapeutics share a concern: animal health. Our researchers study exciting new therapeutic applications.
  • VETERINARIANS - VetCell Therapeutics - Led by veterinarians and scientists, VetCell Therapeutics runs a state-of-the-art facility with researchers who are dedicated to therapeutic discoveries.
  • ABOUT US - VetCell Therapeutics - About Us: VetCell Therapeutics (VCT) is a cell therapy company focused on researching and developing cell based treatments for use in veterinarian medicine.
  • TECHNOLOGY - VetCell Therapeutics - Since 2005, VetCell Therapeutics (VCT) has studied the use of adipose tissue in regenerative medicine and has published manuscripts on the topic.
  • OUR TEAM - VetCell Therapeutics - Management Team: Tom Yuen – Chairman, President, CEO, Fari Izadyar DVM, PhD. – Chief Scientific Officer, and Chad Maki DVM – Chief Medical Officer.
  • Careers with VetCell Therapeutics - VetCell Therapeutics - Careers with VetCell: We're on the lookout for professionals to join our team. Inquiries are welcome; please submit cover letter & resume for consideration.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - VetCell Therapeutics - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VetCell and stem cell therapies for animals.
  • CANINE THERAPIES ReGen OA & EvoluGen OA - VetCell Therapeutics - Canine Therapies: EvoluGen OA and ReGen OA are two different types of canine therapies that can be used to treat osteoarthritis conditions in canines.
  • EvoluGen OA - VetCell Therapeutics - EvoluGen OA from VetCell Therapeutics is an advanced platelet-rich plasma therapy for dogs that effectively treats Osteoarthritic conditions.
  • ReGen OA - VetCell Therapeutics - ReGen OA from VetCell Therapeutics is an autologous stem cell therapy for dogs that is uniquely processed for each patient’s OA condition.
  • VETCELL IN THE NEWS - VetCell Therapeutics - News stories and articles featuring the extraordinary work that VetCell Therapeutics does to improve the quality of life of ailing pet companions.
  • PRESS MATERIALS - VetCell Therapeutics - Press Materials regarding VetCell Therapeutics' work and science. Dr. Izadyar answers some questions.
  • CONTACT US for more information - VetCell Therapeutics - Contact Us: Contact VetCell Therapeautics by phone or email. USA Office - phone: (949) 428-0500; email: [email protected]
  • Stem Cell Transplants for Dogs Grow in Popularity - VetCell Therapeutics - Stem cell transplants are being recommended by veterinarians for dogs over 20 lbs with arthritis,hip, joint or knee problems. Read more...
  • Why We Believe the Future of Stem Cells is Bright - VetCell Therapeutics - VetCell Therapeutics is passionate about the future of stem cell therapies for treating ailing pets. Chief Medical Officer Chad Maki explains...
  • Where Does the Science of Stem Cell Therapy Currently Stand? - VetCell Therapeutics - Almost every disease occurrence is in some ways tied to a stem cell therapies. The scientific perspective is positive, indicating progress is steadily made.
  • VetCell Featured in Modern Dog Magazine - VetCell Therapeutics - As featured in Modern Dog magazine, "Revolutionary New Treatment for Canine Arthritis." Osteoarthritis affects up to 1 in 5 dogs...
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