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  • GrandmaNurseHeather - They saved my summer

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my SkeeterVac and I love the TacTrap. I just wish that they weren't so expensive. We have some really evil biting yellow flies where I live and they are attracted to my SkeeterVac and stick right to these TacTraps! They have saved me from literally being disabled because those flies make me itch and swell and keep me from sleeping. They make me afraid to go outdoors. I'm still a bit afraid when these flies are at their worst but these saved my summer.

  • my name is Dante pereira - motion controller for each ppl

    I have a weird answers if u have 7 ppl and just dance well allow 7 ppl with 7 motion well that work or that depending witch game it is ,but I have a lot of fun with the game it was awesome

  • J. B. - Great set of oils

    I purchased the Classic Set of 6 Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 10ml - Beautiful Gift Packed Oils Kit to Help You Relax - Perfect Aromatherapy Starter Set - Great for Baths, Oil Diffusers, Oil Blends & Burners to use in diffusers. These smell great, once you open the box you can smell the different aromas held within. Each bottle is 100% pure essential oil, with no fillers or additives. They are perfect for aromatherapy in a diffuser. Stress reliever, sore throat and so many more health benefits. I received this discounted product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and receive no incentives or rewards or compensation for positive reviews. My aim is to highlight features and drawbacks that I would want to know about as a buyer, for the benefit of other people. This review is my own and I have personally tried the product. I hope this review will be helpful to others.

  • gtothew - but the coffee tasted pretty okay for the most part

    Times were hard in the office when they replaced our Keurig machines with Flavia machines. I got one of these and a pound of Dunkin. This left quite a bit of sediment in my cup, but the coffee tasted pretty okay for the most part. I ended up getting a Bodum pour over carafe (17oz) instead which I'm quite a bit happier with. If you just want the caffeine and don't want total junk coffee, this can get the job done. I just prefer a little smoother taste with less sediment. Not the worst cup of coffee I've ever had, probably somewhere in the middle ground when comparing to diner coffee.

  • Morritz - This book should be a movie!

    Most original story I've read in a long time. I loved the characters! This is a cops and robbers-type crime thriller that involves artifact theft, cops, archaeologists and sister wives. Takes place in my great home state of Utah. Great read!

  • janet - Scary if comes to past

    Interesting use of facts. I don't know if another would view as a conspiracist--always a conspiracy--but it is an interesting linking of facts, which are footnoted to put forth a theory. Am I ready to head for the hills and only use cash, and have a cellar full of necessities? Maybe. Worrisome book for one who does not have money. Is the book promoting and benefitting from propagating: fear? I can't decide.