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  • Shop 24/7 - Stronger Hair

    My hair started thinning from me wearing extensions. My hair is bra strap length naturally curly. Years ago I used hair loss products to get my hair thick again when I had it professionally colored. We all know that sometimes bleach can take a toll on hair.

  • W. Higgins - Good Cheap Henckels knives

    I got this knife set for a new apartment, and I'm quite happy I did. It's got all the standard knives you need, the paring knife is serrated which I thought was a bit different, but the chefs knife is a good size and the bread knife is really good. The bonus cheese knife is sharp as all heck, and there's a filet and boning knife too that are a good size. I'm a pretty decent home cook, and these knives are going to suit me just fine.

  • Mike. - I love the results

    I finally I got to use this screen protector on my phone, I love the results. It was pretty easy to install, because I already had a previous protector on the screen I did not need to clean much after peeling the old one off. This new screen protector does come with a large alcohol wipe in case you do need to get rid of the residue left behind from the previous screen protector. I accidentally installed this slight out of angle (off) and had to pull it off and put it back on. This peeling and reapplying had zero affect on the screen protector and was able to restore itself back to normal in no time. The screen is spotless and I can see through it without the hint of any screen protector being there. The touch sensitivity of the screen is not changed, or at least it is too little for me to notice. I did notice small amount of smudges but they are very few and only get noticed when you turn the screen off and hold the phone at an angle.

  • K.A.S. - Best 2nd Pokemon Go Phone Ever! Fantastic Value! You won't be sorry!

    Perfect for Pokemon Go! I wanted a 2nd cheap phone for my 2nd Pokemon Go Account, and this fit the bill perfectly. No, it doesn't run as well as my Note 5, however I didn't expect it to run that well. It does the job I purchased it for and keeps up really better than I ever expected. I was pleasantly surprised at just how good the display is along with the responsiveness. I didn't expect a phone this nice for $60. I have not made calls, nor have I used the camera. This is literally a phone I bought for PoGo, and I had no trouble hooking it up with Straight Talk. Again, great display, solid feel and good reactivity.