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  • Matt H. - Best Cube on Amazon

    This cube is awesome! It not only looks great, but it rotates extremely fast compared to the original Rubik's cube. It comes with replaceable stickers, but I haven't needed to use them after a month or so. I don't speedcube, but I play with it daily at my desk. I think this is the best cube on Amazon, and for the price you can't beat it.

  • B. Hargett - the wolf pack

    This shirt can lead to life changing experiences. After reading the great review listed below I too purchased the shirt. I, however, choose to purchase not one, but 5 of the shirts (one for all of my friends). Upon delivery of the shirts I morse coded H.O.W.W.W.L (howl-3 Ws for 3 wolves). We have a communication system for obvious reasons. Within seconds da'pack arrived. As we suited up our destiny revealed itself, we became fellowship of the 15 wolves.

  • Pete - 4 out of 5

    Not the best tasting product health product that I've ever tried but certainly not the worst. As other's have said, the sweetness makes it more tolerable. One major benefit that I've noticed (even since my first glass two weeks ago) has been the loss of that groggy feeling between noon and 3pm. I no longer feel like I want to take a nap after lunch. Other than that, I can't report any noticeable benefits. I had some blood work done about two weeks before starting this product and I'd be curious to see if this drink has had any measurable beneficial affects on my cholesterol etc..... I give it 4 stars for the immediate improvement and (so far) sustained improvement in my mental alertness for those after lunch hours.

  • David L. Worobec - This is the recording that made me fall in love with the show

    This was actually the first cast recording I'd heard of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. This is the recording that made me fall in love with the show. I used to think that PHANTOM OF THE OPERA was the greatest show that Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote. But, having listened to SUPERSTAR, I've come to think differently. I now think JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR is the greatest show he's ever written. Religious ideas put aside, the score is powerful, witty, sometimes funny, and very dramatic musically! The performances in the cast recording are phenomenal! In particular, I love the vocals/performances of Steve Balsamo (Jesus) and Zubin Varla (Judas). Awesome rock voices! Seriously, why wasn't this cast in the 2000 film version? I know Glenn Carter is in this recording as Simon, who played Jesus in the 2000 film. But, I really think Balsamo and Varla should've played Jesus and Judas in the 2000 film.