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  • Kevin Wilson - Always reliable

    I'm a fan of Kaspersky AV products because a) they work, b) they don't suck up resources, and c) nothing about them (support, updating, etc.) has ticked me off. I'd give this 5 stars except what I bought was listed as having a disk, and this was a download. Call me old fashioned, I like having a disk (in case I wanna do things safe from the internet) you can scan from, and I thought I paid for that. Regardless, it's a solid product.

  • moose - Milorganite excellent product

    I have used Milorganite for a number of years. I use it on my lawn we also use it on Roses and other plants they love it. You could say this is under the radar product which is excellent. It is very popular in the Midwest. You can get it out in the western part of the country not as popular in the west yet. If then can get the it out here more people will see its excellent benefit and for all uses.

  • Mommy of 4 - Save Your $$$

    So, if our LeapPad Ultra actually worked - maybe we would have given it more stars for being fun. But its not much fun to spend hours upon hours working with LeapFrog to try and figure out what is wrong with our device. It worked for 2 days before hitting a "Bug." Since then, my daughter looks at it and yells "I hate this thing." When I was paying $150 for this thing, I stopped and asked myself why I wasn't just saving the money and buying an ipad mini as I know Apple has great customer service. I should have listened to myself.