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  • Amazon Customer - A great quick fix for nicked and scratched wood.

    I had been eyeing a dresser set at World Market for a couple years, but I'm some what of a cheapskate, so I never made the purchase. I ended up getting lucky and finding the set for 1/4 of the price on Craigslist, but it was nicked and scratched, so much so that I thought I would have to refinish each piece. Since I had good luck with Howard products in the past, I decided to give this a try and am SO happy that I did. After using it, the pieces look 100% better. It didn't cover some of the bigger scratches, but I don't mind a slightly "rustic" look. It is easy to use (I applied it with 0000 steel wool) and the end result is amazing. The wood finish is a deep mahogany, but I used the "Ebony" color and am glad I did.

  • Customer - One of the Best Books I've Ever Read

    I chose 5 stars because this book was truly amazing. It had some really fun adventures in this book, that's what I loved about this book.( I won't tell you anything that happened, I don't want to be a spoiler.) I would recommend this book to girls ages 8-10. Again, one of the best books I EVER read. This book is in my top 5 favorite books and will stay there for ever.

  • Taryn Oliver - Creamy and thick!

    I have tried many brands of vegan protein and I enjoy PlantFusion. The protein itself (flavors aside) is a nice mix of texture- smooth, silky and easily blended. With the addition of enzymes and BCAAs, PlantFusion is a wonderful product, especially for the price. Cookies and cream is extra thick in consistency and the flavor is not overpowering. I was able to drink it by itself And mixed. I am giving this flavor 4 stars because when allowed to sit it will thicken to a milkshake like consistency I did not enjoy. Definitely a blend and drink shake, not pack and go. I have tried all of the PlantFusion flavors and they are pleasant and subtle.

  • John Pozatron - Creepy toe socks? Muscle compression? Yes please

    The compression is legit. I can further creep people out by wearing knee-highs with my 'toe shoes' or 'weird finger water shoes'

  • Janet - IT WORKS!

    I will be ordering another jar as I am happy with the results so far. One jar lasted almost two months for me. The first month I used the cream in conjunction with squats the second month I did not do any squats. I like the smell of the product and the tingling sensation lol. I'll also be trying the breast cream. I figured why not, the butt and hip cream works matters well...