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  • My Dalair - Going Green

    A card with the serial number and website address to download from is the way to go. I've used McAfee for many years and have been very satisfied with both product and service.

  • Honest Reviewer - Good value for solar powered lights

    Great outdoor solar powered garden lights for around the house. Be careful when installing these. Remember to pull off the protective film from the top to ensure proper charging. They're not going to light up like a 60 watt bulb, especially if you keep them in the shade, so have your expectations set correctly when ordering solar lights. If you are placing these into firm ground then please soften the ground with water first or just push the stick into the ground without the top light for fear of cracking these. They're well constructed but anything can be damaged with enough force.

  • Billy D Harner - Great game

    what is not to love about the Lego Brand. Great games and my son plays it all the time. Great for all ages

  • Amazon Customer - A fun book about today's and yesterdays best games ....

    A great coffee table book for the gamer, or a fun book for kids and adults of all ages that want to learn more about the popular video games of today and of yesterday. It has lots of fun little bits, tips, and history about the games we know and love, and few I didn't know about. Lots of history and lots of cool pictures. My 8 year old read it for an hour and then came back with a wish list of games ... passed the test.

  • Andrea Hedin - Kanani doesn't disappoint

    Just purchased Kanani for my daughter and had to pay the high price, since my daughter wasn't into American Girl dolls in 2011. This doll is SUPER adorable!! Someone said, "It has blond hair" - Kanani DOES NOT have blond hair. Her hair looks like a sun-kissed dk brown color.