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  • AR in Las Vegas - Only Good for Some

    This Stubby Antenna only works well in close range of broadcast... When I get 10 to 15 miles out of town I have trouble picking up any stations. If you never leave your city then it is OK, otherwise it sucks.

  • Patton - Brilliant advice

    I have followed Sander and Bobo for stock advice and counsel since I read their first book. At that time I didn't take action on their recommendations, but I followed the market for the year and tracked what would have happened to my portfolio if I had taken their suggested actions.

  • Amazon Customer - Only a few observations

    Pretty cool design , but leaves lots of finger prints that is my main issue with this case , another problem I found is that the bottom part where connnect to the charger is very sharp and is hard to hold the phone with one hand , I usually put my pinky finger as a support to hold it and use it if have my other hand busy but this makes my finger hurt .

  • NKee - Good product

    Its just what i wanted no more no less. I really only use word.Easy to install. Gave me no problems. It has some really cool features and templates. I would recommend it. My only issue and it my issue others may not have a problem. although i you can purchase multi computer option, If my computer breaks or get stolen like the last one. I have to buy it all over again.

  • Karen Alley - It's a great way to play in the water without getting wet!

    I got this for my 4 month old grandson who is just starting with tummy time. I will probably give it to him for Christmas, so I can't say how he likes it, but I think it's really cute! It has bright colors and little plastic fish inside that move around when you push on the water-filled pocket. It's a great way to play in the water without getting wet! I'm sure it will keep him occupied and entertained!