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  • Michael Running Dear - Potent Sedative? Yes. Anything else? No!

    I ordered this after reading about its benefits online and through a friend. After taking the product for several days I can say that the ONLY effect of it is as a sedative. All the other claims about inebriation are totally false (for me, at least).

  • carelin - excelente!

    son iguales a la fotografia y me tardaron en llegar 20 dias a venezuela!! no tuve ningun problema durante la compra y el envio de este producto..

  • Scarlett - BP readings off by about 20 points

    This is pretty useless since, when compared to my home BP plug in monitor and the Dr. office bp cuff, this one is about 20-30 points off. Total waste of money.

  • azjmw - Excellent, addicting way to pass the time.

    I am a big fan of the entire series, the original Free Flow, Bridges, and now Hexes. Lots os puzzles at different levels, and while I don't find Hexes as challenging as I did Bridges, it is still an excellent, addicting way to pass the time. This is OCD heaven :-)

  • P. Green - Horrid - stay with 2010

    I've been a Microsoft guy since pre windows 3.1; My actual first computer was a KIM 1. A lot has changed since word star and early office products, but Microsoft continues to screw the people who put them where they are at with these kind of horrid products. Who does the CEO think he is trying to get everyone in his cloud so he can just open a virtual store and sell royalties? Guess what Microsoft; you're 10 years late to the cloud party and I don't want your cloud, I bough a solution that I thought I could install and be left alone to use in private. Instead you want to force your live accounts, Xbox junk and every other popup and annoyance to make sure you get your users to the cloud. As much as I've tried to turn all the bells and whistles off that distract me from the base usage, it's impossible. You guys really screwed up a solid product and made it just like your useless windows 8. I am embarrassed for you Microsoft and you should be ashamed. While Gates is running around in the globe with his philanthropy efforts, he left the company and users prisoner to the worst software company on a global scale. STAY away from 2013 - keep 2010 or find a free office product. Microsoft, I hope you guys are off the map in a few years and Google or someone who knows how to develop software can replace you guys because I've spent thousands on your products over the years only looking for the same experience and instead I am continually force down your path of trying to make everything Microsoft and broken services. Developers, license managers - anyone with Microsoft should be holding their heads down with such an embarrassment of this 2013 office and windows 8/8.1 - thanks for the brand new broken computer because your horrid software. "And not to get into how many computer manufactures you've smashed and ruined because they've been held hostage to your broken software." Uggg, I hate to go Mac, but because MS is so horrible I'll consider it more next time - can't take it anymore.