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  • Happy Customer - I realized it was nicely made, as well

    I had no idea what to expect when I ordered this strange product. When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was the fancy box it came in. When I took it out, I realized it was nicely made, as well. This could be useful, I thought to myself! My husband has a tendency to rush when he shaves in the morning before work, so all too often (more than he will ever admit in public) he shaved too far on one side, which meant he would need to shave his entire beard and regrow it. So, when I gave this to my husband, his initial reaction was like mine - what the heck do I do with this? But after giving it a try we were both excited with the results! This product works GREAT! I highly recommend it for anyone that needs help forming an even beard when he shaves!! In fact, my husband has already ordered one of these for his brother!

  • chakeetah - no foul.

    I THINK it works on nail fungus. Mine began improving quickly once I started this, but I am also using a variety of home remedies and Rx with it, so difficult to tell which is actually working since I am basically using a "cocktail" of remedies. Does no harm though, so no harm, no foul.

  • unplayedvideogames - Rip-off from a shady company

    I got the NeatDesk for PC in February of 2012, buying in to the commercial's hype. This is the single purchase that has made me commit to never again buying something without first checking reviews. As you can see from others, I am not alone in having endless problems with this thing, and I suspect most, if not all of the glowing reviews are fake, generated by the company itself.

  • judy james - Not sure if this is a good trade off

    I have taken zeal for over two years now. Still extremely tired all the time, still depressed, Still have anxiety attacks. The only plus is my blood pressure has gone down. Not sure if this is a good trade off.

  • LodgingLady - Will continue to use. Best I've found so far.

    Maybe my wrinkles are beyond repair or maybe if I stopped using this I'd really notice the difference but so far I don't see a huge change. There isn't much in this little bottle so be prepared to have it on auto-ship. I do like the consistency and how smoothly it absorbs into my skin. If I use too little, my face feels dry but if I use too much around my eyes, they are super dry in the morning. Use sparingly there.

  • Andrew - BUYER BEWARE

    Outstanding product, but if you are using a Triple Paste jar labeled 10 oz, this 16 oz container may be the same exact size. We bought this thinking it would be much larger than our last container of Triple Paste which was labeled "NET WT. 10 oz." When we received the NET WT. 16 oz. container from Amazon.com it was the same exact size. I measured the VOLUME of the container and it is actually 10 FLUID ounces (FLUID ounces measure volume and are different than ounces measuring WEIGHT ...unless you are measuring water or something with the same density as water then it is very close, but I digress). Our previous container may have been mislabeled. It probably should have been labeled either "10 FLUID oz." -or- "NET WT. 16 oz." to match the label on the Triple Paste from Amazon. Bottom line, don't expect to get a larger jar if you are already using a jar labeled 10 oz.