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  • Mindfulness Matters - Great for Adult Acne

    After having kids, I thought my acne days were over. This vitamin has helped tremendously with my skin issues and nutrition needs. I saw results in about a week of use, and a dramatic reduction of new breakouts (cystic and minor blemishes)in two weeks.

  • Jessica D. - It's okay

    We originally used the Target off-brand ones and they were very nice, but I wanted to order through Amazon so we bought these. They fit my nose fine, but my husband is 6'3" and even though his nose is proportional to his face, these are WAY too small for him. Seeing as these are more for him than me, it was a waste of money.

  • Amazon Customer - A More Complete Picture

    I think that is one of the most important documentaries any American watch. Dinesh D'Souza is a very intelligent person who not only looks at both sides of the issues, but gives the viewer both sides of the information he presents. He is thoughtful in what he produces and helps people to understand the bigger picture, if people want to see it. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone, but especially to those who are seeking more complete information with which to make better judgments.

  • Marilyn Strosberg - We use to have wonderful results with this product but had to send back ...

    We use to have wonderful results with this product but had to send back the last two due to the consistency of the product. it is awful ..i gave to my sister and now she can't return it as its past the nov 6 date. can you help. i would've to have it sent back. please notify marlene.ashmore@gmail. com on how to get this resolved