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  • Cody Barlage - Very Good Entry Level Treadmill

    I received my Proform a little over a month ago. I wanted to wait to review the item until I had gotten some use in. For someone looking for a budget treadmill this is a good deal for what you get. I am in my early 20's and suffer from asthma. I try to run outdoors but can struggle based on the weather. Once I graduated college I no longer had a free membership at the school. I didn't want to make the investment and said I'd just run outdoors more and it didn't happen. Finally, I made the purchase and I'm happy. I've put around 100 miles in so far and have had no issues. I've tinkered with a few specialized workouts. But, usually I just free run and make adjustments as needed/desired. One item I have not tried are the speakers on the product for music. I tend to watch television or play music through our television as I run.

  • J. Green - COLD PLASMA? Laughing stock extravaganza

    Pleeeezzzze!!! Dont waste your money on this garbage. You will find yourself wondering why you blew almost 100 dollars on this

  • Francis L. Moore - IRulu

    I bought this so I could learn how to use a tablet, and I'm learning. I've found that no one can tell you hor or teach you how to use it you just must learn it yourself.

  • l.c.r. - Works perfectly

    My dentist recommended this to me... he doesn't sell it in his office. He told me to just get it from Amazon. $15 and change and free shipping was a great deal. When I turned 50, I used Invisalign (the clear alternative to braces) to straighten my teeth, and started wearing Vivera retainers at night afterward to keep my teeth straight. I use Night Bright in my Vivera retainer for an hour or two during the day. Thrilled with the results. White teeth, but not unnaturally so.

  • Kezington - Could be better

    I've been taking this product for 10 days now. The AM blend is amazing it helps me stay focused in class and take notes better it's perfect don't change a thing. The PM blend makes my heart race when I try to fall asleep, I make it through the night but it is a restless sleep and since school has started back for me I need all the sleep I can get. Overall this a good product would I pay a 100 bucks for it again probably not.