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  • kirk nelson - don't risk it

    I mixed 5 pouches of oil (pouch per gallon) in a jug with 5 gallons of gas in our polaris snowmobile. Started the engine and warmed it up 5-10 minutes before riding across a field on our farm and half way back before the engine blew up from a lean condition. I rode very easily not even over 3/4 throttle during that time. Opti 2 wont stand behind this product and told me gas has gone down in quality over the years so the gas was the problem. The same gas from the same caseys general store I used a week before with valvoline multipurpose oil at 50:1 didnt blow up my engine as it should have with their statement. I had a fresh 5 gallons of gas mixed with opti 2 oil to their marks because the napa guy said it was all they had and it says it's good for everything. Severely scuffed pistons are a sign of the oil film breaking down.

  • Brenda - Great for a beginner

    My son wanted a volleyball and chose this one because he thought it was funny. He gets a lot of comments while playing on the beach but it really hurts to use it. Great for a beginners ball but if your kid starts playing vb spend a little more and get one made of real leather.

  • Austin F. - Fun for the whole family

    I use my GI Joes as the agents to give it that kung-fu grip appeal but otherwise this is a spot-on recreation of everyone's favorite airport ritual that supposedly failed to stop all of the high-jackers on 9/11. I like the add-on additional screening room (sold separately) where you can really go for it. The lights and s*** don't turn on, but if anyone complains you can just extradite them to Playmobil's Secret Polish Prison (also sold separately) for a fun game of hide the keilbasa.

  • Bart Malone - Here to Stay, John Hiatt

    I'm a John Hiatt freak, so it's always a good review. You'll hear songs he's done before, but some have been re-cut and re-mastered, so it's like hearing it for the first time. You just can't go wrong with John Hiatt, people!

  • RogueRiverRealtor - First time with dutch oven

    I bought a Le Creuset after looking at the other dutch ovens available. I figured it was worth it to buy the best, especially since a good seal is important for some dishes, like chicken & dumplings. I browned a small pork roast in it, then covered and baked it. It was juicy and tender, by far the best pork roast ever from that same wonderful recipe I'd used many times before. I understand that there is an Internet site for dutch oven recipes, and I'm going to go look for it!

  • Ellis - Works great!!

    Just as expected!! Worked perfect!! Yes I lost a little of my FM radio reception but nothing too bad. AM & 4g LTE works fine & so does SAT radio. If you are looking to replace the antenna on your 2015 or 2016 Chevy Colorado because it's too long to fit in your garage then this one is a good choice in my opinion. Shipping was fast. No problems with the purchase.

  • K. Culp - So close, but ultimately very unclear directions

    This should have taken 10 minutes to assemble TOPS. It has to do with part "P" - assembly of the basic frame. These instructions are breezed over and besides it is simply a matter of building this right - the holes are difficult to match. THEY KNOW THIS. It seems like this was well-documented in other reviews. They simply won't fix it so I don't know why I even write this.