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  • Daniel C Bank Jr - Randomly requires connecting to PC to 'update' and WIPE ALL DATA! Is also slow, buggy, poorly designed & horrible support.

    As a software developer I would be ashamed to have been part of releasing such a poor product. The idea is great and I have liked some of the older more basic LeapFrog products, but when it comes to tablets, they are out of their league.

  • A Valued Life - Makes your hair turn to straw!

    This shampoo and conditioner were on super sale and I bought into all the hype of it being "organic" and it'll make my hair miraculously beautiful or something. I have blonde hair and during the winter with the dry air my hair just needs a bit more TLC.

  • Terry Butikofer - Useful Tool

    I have used Rick Steve's books for a number of trips throughout the years, and they have always been a valuable travel companion.

  • Bar fly now Mama - Love coffee too much

    Good product, although as messy as any grinder. Also if you want to grind a lot for storage the capacity is limited to one pot of a standard drip maker.

  • darlene jackson - Book Review

    The book seems like something copy from off the internet. Felt as if I could of went online and printed the info.

  • pfunkhundo - Amazing Stuff

    This is my second order of BTT. First heard about if from the AJ show. I personally don't care for MLM and stay away from that side of the product. I attest that this product is my cure to junk food addiction. Without it I can find myself drinking up 8 cans of soda a day in and endless addiction cycle. This poor diet thankfully doesn't affect my body composition all that much but makes life feel like crap. For me, this product almost immediately corrects the junk addiction signals in my brain and directs me towards better nutrition choices (able to see junkfood for what it is again). Breaking the junk addiction cycle also makes life a bit brighter and other positive choices like regular exercise easier to stick with.