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  • Leah - Wishing I used it sooner!

    I had purchased this a long time ago and never gotten around to using it. I recently found it again about a month ago and decided to give it a shot. I have struggled with acne for a large part of my life and nothing had seemed to work, including prescription medication I had gotten from my dermatologist. Like I said, it has been about a month now and I can already see a major difference in my skin. I feel good enough about it to go without make-up half the time now. I wish I had used it when I purchased!

  • R. Brown - Works better than the generic brands.

    I have trouble breathing at night. My options are surgery, or wearing one of these each night. I've been choosing Breathe Right over surgery. I could buy these at my local grocery and make use of those easy to find $2 coupons, but the Amazon price is still cheaper. This is one of the items I have on "Subscribe and Pay" with Amazon. My only complaint with Amazon is they frequently run out of stock. My only complaint with Breathe Right is the price. I've tried the cheap, generic alternatives but they don't work as well and fall off during the night. Guess I'll keep paying more and use the brand that works.

  • BRIAN GARLAND - Sound okay. Not bad but nothing great.

    It's not the best sounding rear speakers but they work. You can hear the interference if there's no sound and your listen closely. Pretty small speakers. The speaker itself is About 3" in diameter. The hub is the wireless source and the speakers are wired into the hub. Not too long of wires. But they work for me. There's no delay in the sound which is a plus. If your planning to wire these across the room, I'd advise to buy extra wire. Mine are on speaker stands behind my couch so they are long enough. I'd say they are around 15 feet long.

  • Jeni Sullivan - Callaway Hyperlite 2011

    I was surprised to recieve the Callaway bag so quickly, which kinda ruined the christmas present for my husband...but he loves the bag all the same. Apparently, he'd been going back and forth about getting a new bag for months and he had been looking at the Callaway Hyperlite for his new Callaway Diablo clubs. I was excited to see that I too had good taste in what bag to get. Since he had a yellow bag before, he was going to get the yellow/white bag, I had ordered the Charcoal/Black/White/Red to match his clubs. He said that it looked sharp and he really really liked it. So, I'm not complaining one bit. However, it did kind of stink that it was a pre-thanksgiving present instead of the complete christmas present with a new driver AND bag. Lol.

  • familyresearcher - Very poor!

    I have used Family Tree Maker 6.0 since it came out and was very happy with it but when I bought a new computer, I thought I would try the latest FTM. Wish I hadn't!!! This version is complicated to navigate and takes a LOT of time to sync with my online tree. I finally took my online tree down because I was having to manually update both. I like to print out genealogy reports to share with family members and am very disappointed in FTM 2012's reports. I can't make an outline descendant chart and the genealogy reports themselves are not nearly as professional looking as the ones I generated in the earlier version. So, I am hanging onto that earlier version and using it. I do not recommend FTM 2012 at all.

  • MikeS - Quickbooks 2011 Feedback

    I have been using Quickbooks for many years to handle the back office accounting functions for our three furniture stores. While I love the intuitive feel of the product, like everything, there are always the little quirks that drive you crazy.

  • AC315 - Welcome to the Intuit Fraud Machine

    Nothing wrong with the product, it is easy to use, but be advised - Intuit is the lowest form of life on Earth. Once they are in possession of your payment information, they will troll your bank account for any kind of fraudulent charges they can post to it. I just got one for $454.74 for a service I could buy right on here on Amazon for $199, if I even needed it.