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  • Cathy Chang - Good collection.

    We do this every year. It collects good, popular music in one CDC. It is much more efficient than trying to collect them from separate CDs.

  • tsukiko736 - Questionable Product

    Purchased this from a kiosk inside my local mall. I got two jars (one for free) and a facial scrub (also for free). Although, the "free" is debatable because it was still $120. But from what I've read, this brand is quite pricey. I bought them because the salesperson said one jar would last me a year...so it's only $10 a month and I spend more than that on other products usually. I was also impressed by the demo she did on my arm.

  • Mr. Carlton - Love It

    Had this mattress for about 2 weeks now and have slept wonderfully. I think it's the perfect combination of a firm base combined with a soft and forgiving surface. Love the textured, cooling exterior of the mattress as well.

  • Chelsea - thumbs up

    My kids love putting fresh fruit in and not having to add ice or anything to their smoothies. I love the grinder for my coffee and egg shells. I dont use the juicer part. I actually threw it away.

  • pabookgal - Great multi use light that is really BRIGHT !

    I am so glad i got this ! This is a great little flash light that can be used for so many different purposes. First it is compact and can be easily stored any where . It is light weight and can be easily carried with the multi positional handle .What is most unique about this flash light , is that it has two different ways it can be transformed for use. The first is more like that of a traditional flash light and the second is that of a portable lantern. The light bulb on this thing is VERY bright ! It will light up the area needed extremely well. Just don't stare into the light though b / c it will cause visual disturbance .

  • Eric Beckemeyer - This product left terrible streaks and residue on my dark hardwood floor

    I used this yesterday on my dark hardwood floors. I saw reviews of people loving this product, so I decided to try it. This product left terrible streaks and residue on my dark hardwood floor. Ugh..Now I need to buff with microfiber to get the residue off. Dark hardwood is a challenge...this product is not appropriate for dark shiny hardwood...save yourself time and effort...don't use!!! (I used my e-cloth dust mop head to buff out the residue and streaks...much easier than on my hands and knees, which is how I started out.)

  • Tyler A. Newton - Great Monitor, Great Price

    I got an AOC monitor for my wife after reading great reviews and she loves her. So I got this one for me. I like it. Performs well and has great colors and image. Reason I gave it only 4 stars: It is sold as bezel-less, but that's not true. The glass is edge to edge, but the bezel is behind the glass, so when on, it looks just like a regular LCD. So, because of that lie, I can only give it 4 stars. Otherwise, it is a great monitor.