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  • Laurence Shipman - Started bubbling up after the first rain / freeze!!

    I used this last August on a large deck that is made up of two sections, one old section done years ago with solid stain and a new section with bare boards. I followed all directions including power washing and letting it dry completely for several days. It came out looking fantastic! However in November with the first rain / freeze, the old section started bubbling up in big patches. It's now March and most of this section has peeled up. Today I powerwashed the remaining bits off. The new section with the bare wood still looks great with NO bubbling / peeling.

  • Bill J - It cut fine BUT would not turn off no matter where the ...

    Dangerous? YES. Quality? Not too much. The unit arrived promptly but when I opened the box there was no wrench for the wheel lock-nut. What was included was a hex / allen wrench which fit nothing at all on the unit. I was able to use a universal wrench I had in my toolbox. I loaded a disc and started my first cut. It cut fine BUT would not turn off no matter where the switch was placed!! Yes, it does have a "Lock-in-the-ON-Position" switch option but moving it deliberately to "OFF" left the motor running full out. I had to pull the plug in order to stop the grinder. My curiosity got the best of me and I tore it down to find the switch was binding. A machine such as this should never go out to a customer with this condition. Are these defective "Seconds" being sold?

  • Jimy Kraus - I love it. been wearing it since 1998

    I love it. been wearing it since 1998..... Before I met my wife... women back then really liked it... and my wife says she likes it....So I guess it's good to go...

  • jchawk - the best live cd/dvd ever!

    Halestorm has true talent. Lzzy's vocals are amazing! I love this album. the best live cd/dvd I heard. I paid $19 for it, but it would be worth more than that. Highly recommended for those who like hard work and live cd/dvds.

  • Literacy Coach - Pik of Wonder

    Sweet styling tool! It is tough and fit perfectly on my hair dryer.My only regret is that I didn't buy 2.

  • Birdie - Amazing

    I LOVE these products! Couldn't live with out the oil and leave on conditioner. They are NOT greasy and make my hair feel and look amazing. I color my hair and blow dry daily, you would never be able to tell, my hair is shiny and healthy!