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  • Sparky - It did what I needed it to do.

    I bought the Liquid Ass in the streaming bottle because I needed to propel the super stanky liquid through a straw and into my noisy upstairs neighbors bedroom. You should have heard the reaction, IT WAS PRICELESS! Whenever they got too loud upstairs one blast through a hole in my ceiling (their floor) did the trick. Use it, abuse it, make your neighbors move because they think their dog is doing crazy stuff on the carpet!

  • Rebecca H. Kincaid - Does Not Work Well!!!

    I bought this and have tried using it several times, so I know I am using it correctly. I used it on my chest and it will only work in certain spots. Then it looks retarded because I have bald splotches on my chest and stomach. It smells terrible and apparently the longer you leave it on the more it irritates your skin. I left it on longer trying to get it to work with no improvement. Waste of money.

  • Mr. Robert J. Miller - I recommend this product!

    I had a hairy back... Then I purchased this simple invention and I now have a smooth back! I would recommend this product.

  • Melinda Geberth - Goodbye fallout!

    I would recommend this product to anyone who is having a problem with excessive hair loss in the daily care of their hair. I saw an ad for Hair Volume in a magazine and decided to try it as yet another attempt to stop my depressing hair loss. After only two weeks of taking one tablet per day, I noticed a great reduction in the amount of hair I was losing, and after one month, I was down to losing only 3 or 4 hairs when brushing or blow-drying my hair. For many years, I took 5,000 mcg of Biotin every day and saw no difference in either my hair or nails, and lost between 50 and 100 hairs all over our sinks and floor every time I washed and dried my hair. So, I am continuing to take this miracle product and am ecstatic to see a really big difference in the extra fullness of my hereditarily thin hair.

  • John Lebo - Downfall of a once great product.

    I read the terrible reviews about prior Quickbook users buying a new copy and having terrible problems, but I went ahead and bought it because I thought since it is Quickbooks and I use it every day it must be ok. Well I was terribly wrong. Does not work well, help button does not even work, customer support is awful. Life is too short to get bounced around for hours with people from all over the world that have poor US English skills and very little product knowledge.

  • Delaware Girl - These teen vitamins are a great whole food based vitamin that I get for my ...

    These teen vitamins are a great whole food based vitamin that I get for my 16 years old son. He takes them everyday. Taking them helps for those days when that get busy and long and he may not always eating the best. The price for the 2 pack is the best I have found so far. Thank you for making a great product affordable for my family.

  • Caleb W. Cliff - Ginger Too Far

    I have purchased Yogi tea for years now. This tea is fine, but I was disappointed by the slight misinformation. I'm not sure why they simply call this tea "Ginger" at least on the front of the package. I am now paying much more attention to the actual ingredients of Yogi teas because this has 4 other ingredients of which 3 are in greater amount in this one. I just wanted plain ginger tea and this has licorice, lemongrass, peppermint & black pepper. Black pepper & licorice are very strong flavors especially if you aren't aware they are steeping in your cup. It's a fine tea, yet holds a misleading title. That's all. Thank you.