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  • Don Andretti - Does not deliver as promised

    I installed this last week as insturctions said. The instructions are very poorly written. The faster processor is the only good feature. If the device was not running to hot! The LAN dosen't work on mine. I contacted Samsung They said "Fill out a repair ticket" I asked how much will that cost? They said "They will tell you". Why would I pay for a product that is one day old to be fixed. This is very poor customer service. I told them why dont I just return it and buy another? They had no reply. I returned the kit and bought another. The second kit had the same result. TV said "no LAN connection" The device was also running to hot. I am retuning this one also. I will have second thoughts about buying another Samsung. Maybe Sony has better customer servie?

  • Thebrowns06 - didnt even deserve a one star!

    I shouldve taken it as a sign the day i never recieved a refund....Jan. 2012....i decide to give a proactiv a try for my ok face isnt what id consider "acne" i just get maybe one to two small pimples on my chin or forehead...nothing that really makes me feel disgusting. Well like an idiot i order it by sending in a check. 2 weeks latet i haven't received my package, so i call and they tell me they put the check toward an outstanding acct from my address...WHAT? It wasnt my acct but someone who previously lived in my home! So after arguing with them they tell me they will send me my check back...never do. Call back then i hear sorry blah blah "we'll send you check and free package"...never do. Anyway, so i buy some from my moms here it is May and my face is TERRIBLE! IVE NEVER HAD ACNE like this in my life. Im 25 and my face looks like. 12 yr old boy in puberty. I have big red cyst ttpe zits covering every inch of my face. I am literally embarrassed to even talk to people. ABSOLUTELY do not try proactiv.

  • Leggy Saint - Great Deal

    Easy to install. Actually baught 3 licenses and only needed on installer. Make sure you don't download installer multiple times.

  • Nathan Graham - Awesome charger

    The performance of this charger is wonderful and I think it's very safe to have two pack of them for when you can't find one, I always had one charger at home, and other one at work. It’s really convenient that I should not take from home to work or from work to home. I especially like these for my children (They use these to charge their iPhones) because they can be pretty rough on charges and charging cords. Overall happy with my purchase and will keeping using it.