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  • Dollhunter - I bought this one instead of the new one because of the reviews and number of brushes

    I have sure learned to read reviews before buying! I bought this one, and even bought a used one, so it was about 80-90 dollars... the first time I've bought used, so I wanted to use it immediately in case there was something wrong or it leaked. Well, I think the problem that those who complain about it not sucking up are holding the solution lever on the back stroke. I have carpet cleaning machines, and I know that it seems to be the problem some have with them too. You need to release that lever on the back stroke. Well, the used one worked perfectly. The only thing wrong was that there was no bottle of solution in the box. I just used vinegar and water for my tile floor, and will pick up a bottle to try next time. I have oak floors in my dining room, but I want to do the whole floor in there, so haven't had time to move the furniture out, but if there is a problem there, I 'll amend my comments. One thing that I like is that when the handle is folded down, there is a little "hollow" or cup formed that makes a good handle. I keep it in the basement, so it makes carrying it very handy. I don't remember anyone mentioning it. I am happy with it... and also am happy with saving 30 dollars on one not in the original box. It did come well packed though.

  • D. Hardy - Very light green

    This seed grew OK but i my opinion a very ugly shade of grass. Was not happy with the coloring and will look to buy a bluegrass.