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  • Michigan Commercial K9 Narctoics Detection | - Employers MUST make every effort to maintain a drug-free work environment. We offer all of Michigan Commercial K9 Narcotics Detection services.
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  • Michigan Instant Drug Testing | - Our clients appreciate our Michigan Instant Drug Testing because we come to you, on location using a 12 panel test that includes many prescription drugs.
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  • Michigan Residential Narcotics Detection | - Narcotics Detection Services of Michigan offers Michigan Residential Narcotics Detection to help parents find out if their child may be using illegal drugs.
  • SCHOOL K9 NARCOTIC DETECTION | - To properly protect your student from drugs, you must clean their environment and provide quality drug education, in both the classroom and at home.

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  • Edward Rivera - Great so far!

    As some of the reviews have pointed out, the instructions leave a bit to be desired. I watched a video on YouTube on how to install the bars and that helped out tremendously. Once I got them on, no problems! I just hauled a kayak on the cross bars a week ago and it was a breeze.

  • AAnderson - Not the same

    I thought it was a label change and I was incorrect. The texture is different, the scope is narrow and taller. The cans aren't as full and my child isn't as full. This is expensive formula, I'm having to purchase double the amount. With the old cans- 1 can would last a week and a half and now it takes 2 cans to last a week.

  • E.P. - Very good and durable

    I bought this and learned to ride it in about three weeks. The only thing that's bad is the seat sometimes come lose on mine so when I fall off I have to push it left or right back into place and tighten it more. Not a big issue though. So if your going to get a unicycle for a low price then get this one it's a solid unit.

  • Alex - Kink

    This kink bike is amazing when u ride it rides so smooth you can't even tell that your peddling the color is cool the grips are soft and the tires will last a long time cause of the kind they are I hope you guys like this bike cause it is a great bike to do tricks with

  • augustine11 - great case with pencil

    This case is exactly what I was looking for. I needed a case that could hold a pencil securely, while providing a case that covers the screen. This hits the mark and holds the pencil very securely, however its not hard at all to remove when you need it. I would definitely recommend this case to anyone that is looking for a Smart Cover like case and holds a pencil.

  • Aubrey - very very easy install.

    item shipped and delivered on time! very very easy install... other people write reviews about it coming off while driving, you can easily install it loose on you bed, if you install it right it will be very tight fit. I've had it on for couple months now and water tight and has not loosened up or anything! great deal for the money! would diffidently recommend!