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  • D. A. Mulkey - This book is for students with an instructor

    This book is great on information and the way they explain everything. The problem is there is no answer keys on the chapter review questions. This is hard if you are doing this as a self study. You have no way of checking your answers. I had to enroll through evolve's on line self study program to get the answers. The cost was $39.95. This on line self study is well worth the money. They ask questions that is not in the book. There is a workbook that goes with this book. The workbook is good as far as giving you practice exercises. The problem is you only get answers on the odd number questions. You have no idea if the even number questions are right.

  • Meedge Eduardo James Gonzalez - excellent product, easy to install it

    excellent product, easy to install it, I tried it and it feels great difference in high and low speed. I recommend 5 Stars. clear with a Vines & Hines movie sounds. of course you also have to change the air filter

  • GAIL K. - Amazing Product

    Transfer factor is amazing, I use it for my family including my pets. It helps heal wounds and clear infections. I wouldn't be without it.I have many stories of Transfer factors effectiveness on people and dogs. My mini poodle had cataract surgery and his eye was taking a long time to heal. I was going through a regime of eye drops as prescribed by my doctor, but there was redness and obvious pain for my poor dog. A friend turned me onto Transfer factor I gave Mickey who was only 9- 10 pounds, one capsule and the redness was gone the next day. So okay maybe that was a fluke. A few months later, My mother was playing with one of her grand-kids, a toddler th baby was sitting on her lap. The baby playfully banged her head into my Moms face. When I saw her a day later she had a swollen and bruised Lip and mouth which was making it hard for her to speak. I recommended 6 transfer factors for a few days. The swelling and bruising was gone within three days. It's weird when you take transfer factor for a bruise you can see the healing really does accelerate. The bruise goes quickly from blue to yellow and the bruise doesn't fade but kind of clears up. The last story is about Shimmi, was a Stadforshire Terrier. At age five Shimmi got a mast cell cancer tumor on her back leg. I brought her to Animal Medical Center in NYC. The suggested removal of the tumor and chemotherapy, but her prognosis was not good they indicated possibly 3-6 months. I had the tumor removed and Shimmi started to get really thinand her coat dulled, We went to Cornell in Ithaca for her chemo-treatment (great Doctors and a caring facility). I added transfer factor Shimmi was about 335 lbs so 5 a day to the mix of medicines that e were giving her. Shimmi's cancer went into remission,. Here coat became shinny and she gained back her weight and muscle tone. She lived for another 5 years. The longest surviving cancer patient at the time in Cornell.

  • Jerry Stewart - The serum is nice to use

    Their products may be expensive, but they last for a very long time. I saw immediate results with their eye serum, and have been using it ever since. The first bottle lasted around 8 months, and the second one should last even longer.

  • Made to Worship - Great value

    I really like this bike. I wanted a good ride with reliable shifting for a decent price. I believe I got exactly that. I had a bike store put it together then switched out the seat and pedals for personal preference items.

  • Crystal A Seidel - norton

    I have had this product and have had issues with it. I have uninstalled and re-installed it but it still isnt right. It never completes a scan and using the fix option hasnt worked. I will be buying something else to replace it.