USF :: Department of Physics - Department of Physics USF; As physicists, we intellectually strive to understand the fundamental principles underlying our physical universe, and the applications of those principles to better the human condition. The growth areas of the future that will critically affect our national competitiveness on the global level and provide the engine for economic prosperity will undoubtedly revolve around improvements in the quality of human life. This includes advances in our understanding of physical well being, our ability to improve global communications and information transfer, and a better understanding of environmental issues. Advances in fundamental knowledge in these areas need to be coupled with their applications to realize ultimate benefits. In this regard, applied physics provides the bridge between theoretical, fundamental physical concepts and their practical, engineering applications. Our emphases on materials physics, biomedical physics, and environmental physics, with laser physics, computational physics, and imaging science as enabling technologies, is responsive to these needs.

  • USF :: Department of Physics - The APS Bridge Site at USF Physics is looking for academically strong students with research experience and an unyielding drive to succeed. We diligently evaluate applicants on multiple dimensions to identify those with strong potential to become great scientists, regardless of present preparation gaps or GRE scores. If you are passionate about becoming a PhD-level physicist, but need some extra preparation to create a competitive graduate school application, the APS-BP at USF is for you.

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  • Kris - Worked for me.

    Had horrible, disgusting tonsil stones. This is the first product I found that really helps. I saw other reviews that warned of a bad metallic taste in their mouth so I was a little cautious at first but at least for myself I never experienced any problems with that.

  • John R - Best "I'm-getting-older" supplement

    Every Doctor should be required to suggest Collagen supplements for older clients. This has done more to help with my hair (I have replaced lost hair), my skin (more elastic) and joint issues/pains...even wrinkles on my face such as 'crow's feet' at the corners of my eyes. I have since found another product though at Costco's that includes Collagen Type 2 and hyaluronic acid which completes the package. I don't know what condroiten and glucosamine really do but the results of this are evident.

  • John K. - Best east and west horoscope ever!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been using Suzanne White's horoscopes for many years and they are pretty accurate. She even has daily horoscopes on her website. Her book is great if you have tough decisions to make and want help from above. That being said, you still have to take action in your life and make decisions, so don't let it stop you if you have to move fast.

  • MustangSammy - Love it!

    I love the spicy scent. It starts out really strong but when it's dry it's just a lingering barely there scent. My favorite product is the Marrakesh X. It detangles wet or dry hair with a very tiny amount and does not weigh down your hair. I have reordered that in the dreamsicle scent for my girls. It's on it's way :)