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  • anon - Saves my carpet from my clumsy guests

    I have always used this stuff for my car and even high traffic areas in my apartments carpet. One night I had friends over for a party and were playing a few board games and what-not. Needless to say, one of my guests was having a laughing fit and managed to spill both red wine AND cranberry juice on my carpet. I didn't know if 409 could take care of this so I desperately cleaned it up and rubbed it slightly. Once I finished the stain had vanished COMPLETELY! I highly recommend this cleaner.

  • Holvick - GREAT!

    I am getting old and my knees seem to hurt more all the time. I got these knee sleeves because we were moving and I knew that I was going to be carrying lots of boxes up and down stairs. These sleeves are very comfortable and easy to put on. Unlike many other sleeves that I have purchased in the past these did not roll or slip in any way. GREAT! I hate having to stop what I am doing and fix my knee brace/sleeve. I had an ACL repair last summer and am still working to get my knee strong again. There are days that I just need the extra support that this sleeve gives. These sleeves are thick enough to give great support for my knee during activities. They were a great help during our move. They do get a little hot but nothing that I cannot live without, and not any hotter than other sleeves that I have. Great product for anyone with knee problems or pain. I am very happy with these sleeves and can recommend them.

  • Anonymous - This was really a disappointment after waiting so long for another Buble CD

    This was really a disappointment after waiting so long for another Buble CD. I agree with others who have said that there is no continuity, just back and forth between themes. I truly love "On an Evening in Roma" and "God Only Knows" and the classics that he sings, with his unique voice and style that no one uses these days. He is amazing at it and he should stick to it! What's happened here, is that he has sold out and has started singing poppy songs, and collab'ing with Meghan Trainor... and it's just weird. Not his style and not the Buble I've always loved. I don't even like the single track. Hmm... Just not good this time around.

  • Maven Shopper - Very Surprised I Like The Flavor

    I am shocked that I find the flavor to be decent. I have a major sweet tooth and thought the taste was going to be awful. I've given up whey protein because I'm trying to see if my acne is triggered by dairy. The whey protein came in all sorts of flavors and I fell in love with some of them. I thought I'd have to jack this powder up with some flavoring in order to get it down, but that's not the case.

  • Childs - Roll up hood design is crappy

    I mainly bought this because I wanted something with a roll up hood, packable, cheap and reliable. Main thing was a roll up hood. I wear boonie hats or watch caps so I wont be using the hood unless I lose my hat. Rolling up the hood makes the jacket look like crap, and it feels like crap on your neck. I have water proof jackets without roll up hoods, so this was a waste of money for me. I got it cheap enough so I might as well keep it, but it was very disappointing. This was a feature that I thought would be fairly straight forward, but I will probably stay away from Marmot jackets in the future unless I see it first. The only thing keeping me from giving this a 1 star rating is I have not actually used it in the rain yet, so it may be great in that regard. This is mainly a condemnation of the roll up hood design.

  • Elizabeth Edwards - thanks for the great read. can't wait until the next book

    i am hooked on all books having to do with the Tracy Crosswhite series. Mr. Robert Dugoni ... has pulled me in. thanks for the great read. can't wait until the next book. ( :