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  • Erushka - Hemnes bed frame--review and some assembly tips

    First, a word about Ikea. They sell reasonable quality stuff at a good price. Amazon sells Ikea products at a much higher price than Ikea does, even considering Ikea's high picking and shipping fees. Ikea customer service is intentionally terrible. I won't get into the reasons for that, but you should not count on them for much. You get a price break in part because Ikea furniture requires considerable assembly. The assembly instructions are totally non-verbal, that is, they are all pictures, zero written instructions. Don't buy Ikea stuff unless you are comfortable with that. You will get attractive modern furniture, often with Swedish/Euro styling.

  • Blair Browning - The Nerds have Spoken!

    I've never had any problems since having Webroot. And every person I know that's a "techie" or people that I've encountered at computer stores all agree that Webroot is the number anti-virus program to use..that DOESN'T infiltrate your entire computer like Norton does. It does the job and leaves you along. It doesn't randomly say "fixed 94 threats today"...which Norton always would say and I think it was total bull. And there's not a threat for EVERYTHING like when I had Norton. This program seems smarter, or I guess I listened to the nerds & got smart. Anyway, it's simple, reasonably priced and not annoying.

  • J. Parker - Caused my first allergic reaction ever!

    I received a sample of LivRelief from PINCHme. I had high hopes and applied to my very stiff neck, but didn't notice any major pain relief immediately after use. It was odorless and didn't have any annoying tingling sensation. It had a nice texture, and the lotion soaked into my skin easily with no greasy feeling. Unfortunately, I woke up the morning after using it with a rash/ hives all over my body. From my scalp to my feet, I was covered in a red, itchy rash. I have NEVER had an allergic reaction to ANYTHING before. After a trip to the Dr., some steroids and antihistamines, I was fine. Needless to say, I won't be purchasing this product in the future. I give it 1.5 stars due to being odorless and having a non greasy feel.

  • Kelly - Strong Collection

    Another wonderful short story collection. Favorites included Tom Bissell's "A Bridge Under Water" (which reminded me a bit of "Hills Like White Elephants"), Sam Lipsyte's "The Dungeon Master," Steven Millhauser's "Phantoms" (which actually frightened me), Joyce Carol Oates's "ID," Richard Powers's "To the Measures Fall," George Saunders's "Escape from Spiderhead," and Mark Slouka's "The Hare's Mask." That's a lot of favorites, but that's how good this collection is. To me, the best things about an anthology are quality of writing ("best of..."), variety of style, and the chance to discover new writers. This year delivers on all three.

  • DealYard - Looks good

    Gave up my Otter Box case for this one. Reason being was because the limitations of the bulkiness the Otter Box presented. I had to find something a bit thinner yet provide me with the same protection as the Otter box. Very slim and super sturdy!. Just make sure you buy a screen protector. I've dropped my iphone with this case and it protected it, the same as the Otter box did. I love the looks; the "Plain and simple" look on the back is great, the edges make the phone look sharp, the way the buttons sit flush look great. This case also has good functionality; An annoyance of the otterbox was how much it stuck out on the front, I couldn't use the edges of the screen some times. My only real complaint is that the case doesn't come with a screen protector, even though I went with a glass one on my phone it's nice to get a screen protector with cases, I may just be spoiled by otterbox in that area though. I got this case at a discounted price for a review but in no way this changed me opinion on how I truly feel about this case.

  • GRich - Problems with a networked drive

    I recently upgraded to ATI 2014 from an older version, and encountered new, unexpected problems. Our operating environment is Windows 7 Professional, and I am backing up to a networked hard disk that's attached to the USB port on our router. We have three locations with identical routers that are configured so the computers and the drive always have the same IP addresses. When traveling between these locations, it's not unusual for one of our computers to miss a scheduled backup.

  • Dave - Perfect fit!

    I bought this shirt for my nephew's wedding. I was hesitant that the quality would be bad given the price but I was wrong. Good quality with a nice feel to it. Tie and hanky were a perfect match. Would buy again.