Perinatal Software by PeriGen - PeriGen’s perinatal software empower labor & delivery clinicians to make confident, real-time decisions about the mothers and babies in their care.

  • About PeriGen - PeriGen brings the power of analytics to EFM, making it easier for clinicians to make fully informed decisions where and when needed.
  • PeriGen offers perinatal EFM solutions - PeriGen, the makers of PeriCALM fetal monitoring and surveillance software, specialize in helping hospital labor and delivery units boost productivity, improve outcomes and patient safety, meet protocol compliance and enhance team communications.
  • PeriGen Fetal Monitoring Patents - PeriGen holds a great number of US and international patents for their PeriCALM fetal monitoring software.
  • Electronic Fetal Monitoring Results - PeriGen provides proof that intelligent electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) systems such as the PeriCALM solution can improve outcome and labor and delivery team results
  • Published Research related to PeriCALM | PeriGen Perinatal Systems - PeriGen's clinical research team is associated with a number of published research articles dealing with PeriCALM and the issues it addresses
  • PeriGen Perinatal Leadership - PeriGen is led by a passionate, experienced perinatal leadership team that blends IT, obstetric, research, and software development and implementation expertise. The result is obstetric software that helps solve real-world clinical and operational challenges for hospitals.
  • PeriGen perinatal leadership - PeriGen is a privately held company managed by professionals with significant experience in healthcare IT and helping obstetric clinicians meet their labor and delivery challegnes.
  • PeriGen Partners for Perinatal Progress - PeriGen is proud to lead perinatal progress by partnering with some of the leading health technology such as Epic and Meditech, insurance firms such as Conventus, MDAdvantage, Lifeline, and MMIC; and societies such as HIMSS, CommonWell Health Alliance, ACOG and AWHONN, and advocacy groups such as March of Dimes serving the American obstetric community.
  • PeriGen offers career growth and opportunity - PeriGen offers work worth doing to skilled professionals with technology, healthcare, and infrastructure backgrounds who share our passion for improving perinatal results.
  • Real electronic fetal monitoring solutions - PeriCALM Advanced Fetal Monitoring solutions empower perinatal clinicians to spend more time on patient care and less on cumbersome, often tedious tracings counting and number-crunching.
  • Why PeriGen | PeriGen Perinatal Systems - PeriGen offers innovative solutions to labor and delivery challenges included advanced fetal monitoring software and decision support
  • Fetal monitoring benefits - PeriGen serves some of the leading hospital systems with advanced fetal monitoring, helping their clinicians provide better care and meet higher standards of labor and delivery patient safety
  • PeriCALM® Tracings™ Fetal Surveillance System by PeriGen - PeriCALM® Tracings is an advanced fetal surveillance system supporting 16,000 clinicians throughout North America. Visit our website to learn more about our fetal surveillance system.
  • PeriCALM CheckList | PeriGen Perinatal Systems - PeriGen offers PeriCALM CheckList, a software tool that automates labor and delivery checklist managment for easier and more consistent compliance with labor and delivery protocols
  • PeriCALM Patterns fetal monitoring - PeriCALM Patterns, a module of the PeriCALM fetal monitoring solution, is a patented pattern recognition module that provides labor and delivery clinicians with real-time decision-support analysis based on NICHD guidelines.
  • Retrospective Patterns empowers perinatal training - PeriGen offers PeriCALM Retrospective Patterns as a training and education tool that allows objective review of archived tracings
  • PeriCALM® Curve™ Labor Progress | PeriGen Perinatal Systems - PeriCALM Curve provides obstetric clinicians with graphic representation of a patient's labor progress as compared to statistically-valid benchmarks to facilitate better communications and decision-making about the mothers and babies in their care.
  • Shoulder Screen for Dystocia Risk - PeriGen Shoulder Screen allows maternal care providers the means of assessing for the risk of shoulder dystocia with brachial plexus injury
  • Category II Management - At last, an easy tool that let's obstetricians proactively manage crucial category II (2) fetal heart rate ( FHR ) data.
  • PeriBirth - PeriBirth, PeriGen's EHR for OB solution is no longer commercially available. The information provided here is relevant to existing customers.
  • PeriGen Clients - PeriGen clients rave about how PeriCALM helps them offer great care, be more productive and gives them the EFM intelligence needed to excel. Here's what PeriGen EFM clients say about PeriCALM advanced fetal monitoring systems
  • PeriGen Fetal Monitoring Demonstration - View the power of PeriCALM advanced fetal monitoring systems to empower your labor and delivery team to deliver even better patient care.
  • Demonstrating the solution of obstetric protocol checklists - PeriGen now offers an innovative solution to the labor and delivery checklist challenge with PeriCALM CheckList, designed to free your team to spend more time on care and less on cumbersome protocols.
  • The PeriGen L&D (Labor & Delivery) Resource Library - PeriGen offers a wide variety of information resources needed by L&D clinicians and unit managers to meet key management challenges improve patient safety
  • Best practices in Labor & Delivery - PeriGen offers a library of resources on identifying and using best practices to improve labor & delivery
  • Consistency and Standards of Labor & Delivery Patient Care - The labor & delivery library of information resources includes a section on defining and maintaining standards of care in obstetrics
  • EFM Education Resources Library - A compilation of EFM education articles, videos, interactive study tools and credentialing exams on electronic fetal monitoring offered by PeriGen
  • Labor and Delivery Team Communications Library Resources - The PeriGen Labor & Delivery Library offers access to a variety of information on measuring and improving team communications for obstetric units
  • PeriGen Integration Resources - PeriGen Labor and Delivery Library includes resources for understanding the challenges and solutions for integration of EFM systems with EHR

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