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  • Hazz Design - Beautiful Design but Baby Hates It

    This claims to have a tree swing motion, but not one of the motions is swing-like. In fact all of them are basically the same. This is too expensive to risk that your baby won't like it. Plus the mobile doesn't even move at all. It is supposed to shake but the motion even on the fastest setting is too slow to get it to shake visibly. Another issue is that it is incredibly heavy, so if you thought it would replace a bouncy seat, it can't. You will have to set it up and leave it. Wish it was better. I really wanted to like it. The materials and design are really well done. It just falls short functionally.

  • Amazon Customer - Beautiful case, wrong size

    I received the case and was super excited about it because the case looks amazing, it's very sleek a it just looks attractive overall... however, my one problem was that I was expecting to get an iPhone 7 plus case but instead I received a pretty small case, it won't fit my phone, so I will definitely be returning it, as I have no use for it, if you have any cases like this that are actually for the plus, then I will gladly take one of those as I love the look of the case

  • Amazon Customer - PlayStation VR is amazing!

    After playing with it for over the past 10 days, I can say this:The lenses fog up with the slightest breath on it, from something touching the lenses or simply from sweating. the resolution is bad. the most accurate way to describe the resolution is it's like putting on glasses except the glass is replaced by a screen, like a screen door. However, VR is an amazing experience and it is a fairly new technology. I can't wait to see where VR goes from here. In conclusion, it's more than worth it for the price compaired to other VR systems, and it makes every game a thousand times better (even with low resolution)! I hope that PlayStation VR 2 has 4k resolution!

  • Victoria King - This book is ok

    This book need some corrections because there is mistakes that I have found in it. Also there is some information that have been printed twice in different chapters. It's very irritating when you're trying to go to it quickly.